New Legislation Impacts ‘Unborn’

by CalWatchdog Staff | March 11, 2012 10:13 am

Katy Grimes: California’s liberal politicians[1] have been raging publibly for the last several weeks because the head of the Department of Fish and Game legally killed a cougar while on a hunting trip in Idaho. They are outraged and have demanded his resignation.


But, now California liberal politicians are pushing legislation to allow non-doctor medical workers to perform abortions.

“Reproductive rights,” abortion and contraception have become the lightening rod in this political cycle. Women are demanding access to free contraception, playing right into  the Obamacare agenda. But all of this liberated sex seems only to be resulting in unwanted babies and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Sponsored by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California[3], “The California bill, by Sen. Christine Kehoe, D- San Diego, would allow nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and certified nurse midwives to perform a procedure known as ‘aspiration’ abortion, which employs a suction method to remove a fetus from a uterus,” the Sacramento Bee reported[4].

The Desert Tortoise, Delta Smelt and Spotted Owl have more rights than the “unborn.”  Convicted prisoners have “prisoners rights,” and those convicted of the most heinous crimes on death row die of old age after exhausting years and years of taxpayer-paid legal appeals.

Interestingly, when a woman is obviously pregnant, people ask, “what will you name the baby?” “what color will you paint the baby’s room?” and “How are you feeling? Many pregnant women tell stories of how they tried for years to have a baby.

But if a women doesn’t want the baby, it is called “the unborn” or a “fetus.” And the operation to get rid of it is a “procedure.”

Kehoe’s bill, SB 1501[5], will allow abortion by medication or aspiration techniques to be performed by nurses, medical assistants, midwives and nurse practitioners who don’t have medical degrees.

Allowing a physician assistant, nurse or a midwife to perform this serious medical procedure is really pushing the line of medical ethics, and a degradation of medical care.  Dental assistants are not even allowed to do a tooth extraction.

I wonder how many of California’s legislators would agree to have a midwife  perform such a sensitive and potentially dangerous operation on their wives or daughters?

Nurses that I spoke to said that midwives are unregulated and used primarily to assist with normal, healthy, full-term live births. A woman delivering with a midwife that shows any signs of complications is rushed to a hospital to a doctor.

Expanding Government Healthcare

Kehoe’s legislation is part of the national agenda expanding government funding of entitlement programs, including contraception and healthcare. Remember that SB 1501[5] is sponsored by Planned Parenthood of California – does this special interest bill need any more explanation?

Killing cougars and threatening tortoises is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for one year, and a fine of $ 10,000.

Current law states that it a public offense, punishable by a fine up to $10,000 or imprisonment, or both, for a person to perform or assist in performing a surgical abortion if the person does not have a valid license to practice as a physician and surgeon.  Kehoe’s bill [6]overturns the legal definition of who is allowed to perform this medical procedure and would instead make it legal for non-doctors [7]to perform abortions, and would delete the description of what a nonsurgical abortion includes.

While other states are tightening up on abortion procedures, and rebuffing the expansion of government funded healthcare, California continues to expand state medical and entitlement programs. The state is not only treading in dangerous waters with this bill, but is teetering on the edge of insolvency, as well as inhumanity. The Golden State has become the darkest state in the nation.

MAR. 10, 2012

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