Politics has gone to the dogs

by CalWatchdog Staff | May 7, 2012 11:22 am

May 4, 2012

By Katy Grimes

My neighbor likes to tell me that her dog has a higher intellect than my dog. And it’s not because my “Gus” is a police dog dropout.

This neighbor, a socially challenged, liberal scientist, claims that research shows that her dog, a Golden Retriever, is at the top of the dog food chain in intellect. I’d beg to differ. There are many, many highly intelligent breeds of dog, including my other dog, an Australian Shepherd, who is too smart.


But Gus, a German Shepherd, and also a pretty smart canine, didn’t make police dog graduation, but not because of his brains–he’s got plenty of drive, but is a little too sensitive for the police force (and he likes to sit on the couch). I think that’s pretty smart.

Many of my neighbors have Golden Retriever dogs–beautiful, compliant, mellow, sweet, easy-going, likable, happy dogs. There aren’t very many German Shepherd dogs in my very liberal downtown Sacramento neighborhood because the progressive, sensitive types think German shepherds are too assertive.

They are just like their dogs.

You Are Your Dog

I love to figure out dog breed personalities and types, and then ascribe them to people. Not only do dogs and people begin to resemble each other after years together, it’s very interesting to see similar personalities and traits.

I am a working dog… an Australian Shepherd, or a Border Collie. I have lots of energy, some say I am a little high-strung, but I have the ability to herd others. Aussies and Border Collies are easy-going, puppy-like, a good watchdogs, excellent with children, devoted, loyal friends and guardians, naturally protective, affectionate, lively, agile and attentive, with a sixth sense, and highly intelligent.

My husband is a Belgian Shepherd–very intelligent and obedient, determined and observant, with strong protective and territorial instincts.

My son is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, good-natured, intelligent, skillful and straight-forward, possess considerable stamina, and loyal to the family. They are ferocious in the hunt, but in the home are calm, gentle, and obedient.  They are brave and vigilant, can be reserved toward strangers, and socialize well.

I work with a Pomeranian and a Great Pyrenees.

While it’s fun to type family and friends, it’s far more fun to identify which which politicians are like certain dogs.


Who else reminds you of a dog breed? Senators Christine Kehoe and Doug LaMalfa, or Assemblymen Tom Ammiano and Roger Dickinson?  What about Arnold? Leave your suggestions.

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