Course list at Arnold’s new USC think tank

by CalWatchdog Staff | August 6, 2012 2:11 am

[1]Aug. 6, 2012

By John Seiler

Last week, über-moderate, Herr Post-Partisan Depression, ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger funded a new think tank[2] in his dishonor at USC. As if he hadn’t done enough in his seven years as governor to wreck the state.

According to the statement on Arnold’s site[3], the think tank will be:

“Focused on bipartisan solutions to local and global issues….The USC Schwarzenegger Institute will focus on the responsibility of leaders to transcend partisanship to implement policies that most benefit the people they serve.”

The statement quoted Arnold:

“This institute is dedicated to promoting a new era of post-partisanship, where solutions are the result of intelligent and civil discussion between people with deeply held principles who understand the need to work through their disagreements to achieve real solutions. Knowing USC’s reputation as one of the nation’s leading policy schools, I could think of no better home for this institute.”

My sources at USC have obtained for me the courses to be offered at the USC Schwarzenegger Institute:

Econ. 372: How to spend your state into bankruptcy.

Business 313: How to destroy businesses with tax increases.

Psychology 243: How to cheat on your wife and hide it from her for a decade.

Ecology 234: How to con people into believing the global warming hoax.

Politics 432: How to get elected on promises of balancing the budget and not increasing taxes, then do the opposite once elected.

Communications 132: How to convince people you’re a moderate-post-partisan Republican, when you’re really a liberal Democrat.

Health 243: How to build your bodybuilding career by repeatedly injecting steroids into your body.

Film 379: How to build your personal wealth to $700 million starring in cheesy sci-fi flicks.


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