How to break up California

by CalWatchdog Staff | November 24, 2012 2:06 am

[1]Nov. 24, 2012

By John Seiler

California obviously is a preposterously large state. Its 38 million population is greater than the population of 209 of the 242 countries listed by Wikipedia[2].

It’s greater than Algeria, Canada, Uganda, Iraq, Peru, Venezuela, Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan, etc.

Here’s an obvious way to break up the state: by presidential vote in the recent Nov. 6 election.

The adjacent map shows the Nov. 6 vote. Red counties voted Republican, Blue counties Democrat.

The Democratic areas would be renamed the new state of Jerrytopia.

The Republican areas, which include Orange County and most inland counties, would be renamed the new state of Reaganland.

Jerrytopia then would be free to increase taxes ad libitum. (A little Latin as Jerry likes to use. Translated, it means: tax everyone to death.) The California Teachers Association could sentence opponents to CTA Reedukation Kamps.

Reaganland then would be free to end all income and sales taxes, like New Hampshire; abolish government education; and repeal collective bargaining with government unions.

The only problem would be that refugees from repressed, depressed Jerrytopia would flock to free, prosperous Reaganland. Then the refugees would vote for Jerrytopia-style policies in Reaganland, wrecking it as well.

I guess if you’re a small-government advocate you’re doomed to always be right, and always lose.

(Note: This has been corrected to note that Republican counties are Red, Democratic counties, blue.)




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