L.A. Times intolerant toward ‘intolerant’ conservatives over Google on Easter Sunday

by CalWatchdog Staff | April 1, 2013 1:46 pm

Cesar Chavez Day - wikipedia[1]April 1, 2013

By John Seiler

The Los Angeles Times writer Robin Abcarian informs us[2]:

“There’s no intolerance like good conservative intolerance.

“On Easter Sunday, Google incurred the wrath of the conservative Twittersphere when it chose to feature on its home page a portrait of California civil rights pioneer Cesar Chavez instead of Jesus Christ.”

Actually, the protest was foolish, not “intolerant.” For one thing, why were these religious people even looking at Google on Easter Sunday? Shouldn’t they have been in church, with their families or engaged in acts of charity?

And who really cares what Google does, anyway?

But back to the Tolerance Police at the Times. What’s “intolerant” about wishing that Easter was celebrated yesterday by Google, instead of Chavez? If Chavez’s birthday had fallen a day earlier, and Google had featured him on Saturday, nobody would have minded.

And were these just “conservatives” objecting, or other Christians? Even Latinos who revere Chavez might have wanted him celebrated by Google instead on Monday, when the state of California actually remembers him with an official state holiday, Cesar Chavez Day[3]. If the state could move the celebration to a day after his actual birthday, why couldn’t Google?

Liberalism morphs

What’s happened is a change in liberalism, from tolerance to intolerance. When I went to the University of Michigan in 1973, most of my professors were liberals. But most of them also were highly tolerant of conservatives and libertarians. They enjoyed good discussions.

Unfortunately, modern liberals are afflicted with extreme Political Correctness. Campuses, notoriously, nowadays tolerate little dissent from the Party Line, and even have become extremely hostile to Christians.

Recently, a professor in Florida forced his students [4]to stomp on the name of “Jesus.” Can you think of anything more “intolerant” short of actual violence?

One brave student refused. But what’s shocking is that, even though most of the students in his class likely were Christians, no others did, so indoctrinated have today’s students become to be Politically Correct and to worship P.C. professors. It was reminiscent of a Maoist “self criticism[5]” session.

The student, Ryan Rotela, then was suspended from the school,[6] Florida Gulag University.

After an international uproar[7], the school relented and ended the suspension. The P.C. prof, Dr.  Deandre Poole, since has been put on leave[8]. I suspect that he’s still being paid, will be back next year and will be hailed as a hero by his fellow P.C. faculty.

Poole also is vice chair of the Palm Beach Democratic Party[9]. Ah, yes, the Party of Tolerance!

I miss the old, tolerant liberals I knew 40 years ago.

Contra Robin Abcarian, today the intolerance mainly is with her fellow liberals, as her own incomprehending intolerance of “conservatives” over the Google flap shows.

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