Jay Leno: Tax and regulate CA wildfire, send the IRS to Guantanamo

by CalWatchdog Staff | June 5, 2013 10:09 am

June 5, 2013

By John Seiler

I’ve been watching Jay Leno’s monologues the past couple of months and he’s been on fire. After being canned by NBC,[1] he has been invigorated. And he’s been going after government in a fashion generally unknown in the entertainment business, which is dominated by leftist Democrats who love Big Brother.

Here’s Leno from Monday in a monologue that brought great cheers from his mostly Southern California audience:

Well, folks, I tell you. It has been touch and go here in Los Angeles. This latest California wildfire. Getting pretty scary. You see all the smoke and the ash in the air here? It’s very frightening. But Gov. Jerry Brown, God bless him, he’s got it under control. He said what he’s going to do. He’s going to tax and regulate the fire until it gets fed up and moves to another state. That’s how you, you crack down. That’s right.

Well, according to a new report, Calfornia is ranked near the bottom regarding its economic policies. Near the bottom. Which is actually good news. I thought we were the bottom. Really? You mean there’s somebody below us? That is unbelievable.

And President Obama says he’s renewing his efforts to close Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay? How about closing the IRS? Why don’t we do that?

[Thunderous applause]

How about shipping the IRS to Guantanamo Bay? That’s what we, yes! That’s how you do it.

[Thunderous applause]

Well, more problems with the IRS. A new report has found that they spent $50 million on employee conferences and retreats in just two years. They would have investigated sooner, but it turns out, you know, they don’t belong to any conservative groups. So nobody really noticed. They didn’t really see it. A little odd, yeah.

Here’s the video:

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