D.C. protest against IRS planned for Wed.

by CalWatchdog Staff | June 18, 2013 2:09 pm

Revolutionary War -- fife and drum[1]June 18, 2013

By John Seiler

For once, I wish I was in Washington, D.C., a dreadful place I haven’t been to since 1988, or 25 years. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Tea Party is protesting the assaults on it and other freedom groups by the IRS-Stasi. I would love to attend. The Daily Caller reported:[2]

“The gathering on the West Lawn of the Capitol is being called the ‘Audit the IRS’ Rally

“‘At noon tomorrow, we are going to tell the world about how the IRS tried to crush the Tea Party movement,’ organizers with the Tea Party Patriots organization said in an email to supporters.

“Thousands of volunteers will rally in the largest demonstration of Tea Party support since 2010.”

It was the Tea Party that was targeted by the Obama IRS to suppress their freedoms of speech and assembly. Doing so spread the notion around the country that the Tea Partiers somehow were evil — a demonization typical of repressive regimes, such as the treatment of the Kulaks[3].

Of course, the IRS-Stasi will just take their names and repress them even more. No doubt the NSA-Stasi also will be there, spying, harassing, repressing.

Maybe Washington, D.C. is a bad place for such a rally. A better place to start might be at Lexington and Concord[4].

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