Phil Mickelson’s tax rate: 61%

by CalWatchdog Staff | July 25, 2013 3:21 pm

Phil Mickelson - wikipedia[1]What a ripoff.

A guy works ceaselessly for three decades to reach the pinnacle of his profession. Then the government steals 61 percent of his income for its nefarious purposes. CBS reported:

“Thanks to his recent wins at both The Open Championship and the Scottish Open, Phil Mickelson pocketed more than $2.16 million in just two weeks.

“The world’s top golfer — who came under fire earlier this year when he complained about his supposed 60 percent tax rate as a California resident — is taking another hit on his recent earnings.

“According to Forbes, Mickelson[2] has been subjected to the United Kingdom’s 45 percent tax rate for those who make more than £150,000 a year. In addition, the magazine reports[3], he will be taxed on a portion of the endorsement income he earned during his time in Scotland.”

Bottomline: a 61 percent tax rate.

Hey, didn’t we fight a revolution against the UK over “taxation without representation”? Does Mickelson get to vote in Brit elections? No.

As to America, Mickelson is one of those people President Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown — both themselves incredibly wealth millionaires because of their lives in politics — insist must “pay their fair share.” That is, Mickelson must be robbed to fund the politicians’ programs, much of which money goes to Crony Capitalist campaign donors.

It’s surprising that Mickelson hasn’t joined Tiger Woods in leaving Taxifornia for Florida, which has no state income tax. That way he could avoid multi-millionaire Brown’s Proposition 13 top state income tax rate of 13 percent.

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