Tax-funded zombies

by John Seiler | September 6, 2013 12:57 pm

Walking Dead zombies[1]I've enjoyed the “Walking Dead” TV show. Although the last season wasn't as good because they got away from the Zombies and featured the Rick vs. the Governor human conflict.

The Governor better could be called “the Government” because, like it, he's vicious, psychotic and murderous.

Now the government — the real one out here in California — is forcing me to pay tax dollars for a class on the show at UC Irvine[2]:

“The university and basic cable's AMC network are teaming up to offer a free online course titled 'Society, Science, Survival: Lessons From AMC's '”The Walking Dead” ' timed to the airing of the show's fourth season this fall.

“The eight-week course — which begins Oct. 14, the day after the premiere — will feature lectures from four instructors across a range of disciplines: public health, social science, physics and mathematics.”

Actually, it sounds kind of interesting. But why is it being offered under the auspices of UCI, which — to emphasize — is run with tax money stolen from me?

Why can't just AMC sponsor it? AMC Networks [3]is a giant conglomerate whose market capitalization is $4.5 billion[4]. They have plenty of money to pay for their own courses and other publicity.

It's just another way to bankrupt us as America rushes toward its own Zombie Apocalypse.

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