‘Affordable’ Care Act hikes rates for Californians

by John Seiler | November 5, 2013 12:34 pm

Obamacare rollout, Gary McCoy, cagle, Nov. 5, 2013[1]President Obama now is denying he said[2] of your current medical insurance, “You can keep it.” But videos [3]show him making that promise at least 23 times.

Well, my insurance was canceled by him, even though I was perfectly happy with it. And I don’t know what comes next — except higher rates.

So the president messed up my life. Oh, and so did Gov. Jerry Brown and the other top state politicians busy as bees imposing Obamacare on me.

Costs for insurance under the “Affordable” Care Act — a/k/a Obamacare — are up 41 percent nationally. A new graph breaks down the increases by state. Click here [4]for the whole country.

But here are the graphics of the data you get when you click on “California.” The numbers are for monthly premiums. So multiply by 12 for the yearly cost.

For Men:

ACA California, Men[5]


For Women:

ACA California, Women[6]



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