Media spiked stories on ice-stuck ship carrying global warmers

by John Seiler | January 5, 2014 1:18 am

Ya gotta love it.

Global warmers boarded a ship to Antarctica to prove global warming was melting the ice caps, but this happened[1]:

A group of climate change scientists were rescued by helicopter Jan. 2, after being stranded in the ice since Christmas morning. But the majority of the broadcast networks’ reports about the ice-locked climate researchers never mentioned climate change.

The Russian ship, Akademic Shokalskiy, was stranded in the ice while on a climate change research expedition, yet nearly 98 percent of network news reports about the stranded researchers failed to mention their mission at all. Forty out of 41 stories (97.5 percent) on the network morning and evening news shows since Dec. 25 failed to mention climate change had anything to do with the expedition.

In fact, rather than point out the mission was to find evidence of climate change, the networks often referred to the stranded people as “passengers,” “trackers” and even “tourists,” without a word about climate change or global warming.

Not only that, but a Chinese rescue ship also got stuck[2] in the “globally warmed” ice:

(CNN) — The Chinese icebreaker that sent out a helicopter on Thursday to airlift dozens of passengers from a ship stuck in the Antarctic ice is now beset by ice and unable to move, according to Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA).

Any more of this “global warming” and Southern California’s beaches will become ski resorts.

Meanwhile, Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Air Resources Board functionaries are busy imposing AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006[3].

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