Twitter is atwitter over Gov’s budget

by Katy Grimes | January 10, 2014 2:51 pm

Gov. Jerry Brown just released his budget for 2014 Thursday. Claiming fiscal restraint, the governor’s $155 billion spending plan increases the general fund, as well as significant spending in education and social services.

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Brown Jerry[2]

Following the budget press conference Thursday, Twitter[3] was atwitter with comments.

Many lawmakers sent out formal press statements with their thoughts, like the statement (below) by Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford.

Memorable Tweets

CA Democratic Party: GOP budget naysayers will be out in force but wont change basic facts: CA went from deficit to surplus under Gov. Brown & cuts to edu.

CA Democratic Party: ‪@abelmaldonado[4] the Governor cleaned up your Republican Party's mess, balanced the budget & stopped cuts to education. What's that you say?

Jon Coupal:Does Governor realize that supporting lowering 2/3 vote on local bonds is a direct attack on Prop 13?  We'll make sure everyone knows that.

Phillip Ung: Missed this in the live ‪#cabudget[5] broadcast, but ‪@JerryBrownGov[6] says paying down debt should not be considered spending.

Gavin Newsom: The Gov. has kept his promise to be straight w/CA, releasing a sensible, balanced & socially progressive budget.”

Tim Donnelly: Bottomline – California's finances not as rosy as Governor Brown would have you believe. Time for him to go. Time for a Brown-out.

CA Assembly GOP: Asm GOP Ldr Conway on #cabudget[7]: Democrats are going to want to “spend, spend, spend.”  @kcranews[8]

CTA: California teachers appreciate Gov's commitment to public education and to repaying the billions of dollars cut from our schools. #cabudget[7]

Capitol Weekly: Brown's budget plan contradicts earlier bipartisan compromise over 'rainy day fund' … … #cabudget[7] #caleg[9]

Darrell Steinberg: My statement on the proposed Jan. #CAbudget[10]. I look forward to working with Gov. & my legislative peers in days ahead …

Speaker John Perez: I’m pleased to see how strongly ‪@JerryBrownGov[6] has embraced the rainy day fund that is the cornerstone of ‪@AssemblyDems[11] ‪#CABudget[12] proposal.

‪[13]Thomas Del Beccaro: @JerryBrownGov[14] Jerry Brown's Paradoxical Budget:  Increases spending 9% to pay down debt?

That Jim Berg: There should be money in the #cabudget[7] for #arts[15] funding. $5million isn't too much to ask @JerryBrownGov[14]

Ben Adler: ‪@JerryBrownGov[6] presents his ‪#cabudget[5]. Lots of charts, little suspense after it leaked out last night.

Ron Nehring: The ‪@jerrybrowngov[16] budget leaves California uncompetitive, w/ highest sales and income taxes in America.

Desperado budget

The funniest response[17] to Gov. Jerry Brown’s new budget plan came from Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford, who responded[18] using lyrics from an old song by the Eagles: “Governor Brown, why don't you come to your senses?”

Vidak left off the word “Desperado[19],” the title of the song. He was referring to Brown's budget proposal to use AB 32 cap-and-trade money to fund the controversial and doomed High-Speed Rail project – which could be looked at as a desperado attempt to save the project.

Ironically, the Eagles used to be a backup band for Linda Ronstadt[20] — Jerry Brown's high-profile girlfriend in the 1970's when he was governor the first time around.

Ronstadt did her own beautiful rendition[21] of Desperado in 1976.

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses
You've been out ridin' fences
for so long now
Ohh you're a hard one
I know that you've got your reasons
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

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