D.C. can’t even provide itself with clean water

by John Seiler | March 7, 2014 11:38 am

non potable water sign[1]Washington, D.C. rules California, America — the world.

Yet this from the Washington Post[2]:

“Residents and business owners in parts of upper Northwest Washington are being advised to continue boiling their water through Friday after a pumping station lost power, leaving hundreds in the area with low water pressure.”

How can these people, who can’t produce potable water for themselves, insist on telling the rest of us what to do? The Feds control not only the federal government, but effectively the state and local governments, too.

Ever attend a local school board? They mainly discuss how to meet state mandates, which in turn come from the feds.

In California, Proposition 98[3] mandates that 40 percent of state funds must go to K-14 schooling. Yet schools largely must follow rules set by the following, in this order:

The same is true in all other fields: Our lives are completely run by federal agencies: EPA, DOT, Commerce, Interior, Energy, HHS, HUD, DoJ, Treasury, Labor — as we relentlessly are spied on by the NSA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DoD, etc.

But these people can’t even provide themselves with clean water!

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