UC prof charged with assaulting student

by John Seiler | March 24, 2014 2:34 pm

What’s going on in California’s public universities? Fox News reported:

“A¬†feminist studies professor at a California state university is facing criminal charges after a videotaped run-in with a teenage pro-life demonstrator in which she snatched an anti-abortion sign and appeared to get physical with the girl.¬†

“University of California at Santa Barbara Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young was charged with one misdemeanor count each of theft, battery and vandalism in the March 4 incident, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced Friday. The charges came days after 16-year-old Thrin Short and her parents met with prosecutors.”

We’ve come a long way from the Free Speech Movement [1]that started at another UC campus, in Berkeley, 50 years ago. Back then it was leftists insisting on free speech. Now it’s leftists shutting down free speech.

Here’s a video of the recent altercation:

  1. Free Speech Movement : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Speech_Movement

Source URL: https://calwatchdog.com/2014/03/24/uc-prof-charged-with-assaulting-student/