Tax index: CA by far most taxed state

by John Seiler | April 27, 2014 1:28 am

Taxifornia1The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council just came out with its annual report, “Small Business Tax Index 2014.[1]”

California ranked 50th of the states — dead last, worst, highest taxed, most overtaxed, extremest preposterously taxed.

Here are the six states with the lowest tax gougings:

1) Nevada,
2) South Dakota,
3) Texas,
4) Wyoming,
6) Florida.

Note that Washington state is run by liberal Democrats, just like California — but their liberal Democrats know how to coddle business so it stays there, creates jobs, reduces welfare and ends up in the end producing more revenue for government.

Here are the six states with the highest tax ripoffs:

45) New York,
46) Iowa,
47) Hawaii,
48) New Jersey,
49) Minnesota,
50) California.

This time the anomalies are Iowa and Minnesota, which have low unemployment [2]and strong businesses despite the high taxes. And they even have crummy weather. Might be something about wheat farming. Put your reasons below.

In any case, California has the highest taxes and close to the worst unemployment in the country. Perhaps those who love high taxes should move to Minnesota or Iowa, thus allowing those of us who remain here to frolic in sunshine and low taxes. No that’s a California dream.


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