Debate: Brown lays ‘CA comeback’ meme on thick early

by Chris Reed | September 4, 2014 7:04 pm

In Jerry Brown’s opening statement, he depicts a happy California that has largely left behind the problems he inherited in 2010.

He says California has recovered all the jobs it has lost during the Great Recession, but doesn’t mention these jobs pay significantly worse than the ones they replaced.

Neel Kashkari effectively responds by noting state is no. 1 in poverty. Says comeback is news to most Californians.

Initial long camera angle unflattering to governor. Made him look as bald as Kashkari.

Brown is unsmiling, but not in harsh way, more matter of fact. Kashkari more expressive, watches gov closely as he comments.

Not sure if format will allow this to actually be, yunno, a debate. A common flaw of debates.

Moderator’s joking reference to Seahawks-Packers game can be seen as a hint to voters that the scheduling of this debate opposite season’s first nationally televised NFL game was no accident — that someone didn’t want CA voters to see this.

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