Bag ban goes to voters in 2016

by John Seiler | December 25, 2014 8:08 am

Rags the robot dogSome good holiday news.

This year the California Legislature passed the most unsanitary legislation in decades, the ban on plastic bags at grocery stores. An initiative just qualified [1]for 2016 for voters to dump this eco-Marxism from the law books.

I think it will pass.

Not only do “reusable” bags spread germs[2].

There’s also our little furry friends. The Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the law, seem to think dogs are stuffed animals. Or maybe like the mechanical pooch “Rags” in the Woody Allen farce “Sleeper[3],” who defecates “batteries.”

Huntington Beach, where I’m a denizen, has banned plastic bags for more than a year now. You would think a “conservative” city in “conservative” Orange County would shun such eco-Marxism. But the city council is dominated by busybody elitists.

The result is my local friends with dogs all complain about not having enough plastic bags. Sure, you can buy them at a pet store. But that’s tedious, and costs money in an incredibly expensive city in a preposterously expensive state. Can’t government let us save money somewhere?

Getting plastic bags with your groceries is oh-so-convenient for taking care of Fido’s business. And sanitary, too.

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