CalWatchdog Morning Read – August 9

by CalWatchdog Staff | August 9, 2016 9:15 am

Good morning and happy Tuesday. Today we have lots of interesting bits of news, including about how there are signs suggesting the effort to legalize recreational marijuana may not be the slam dunk that it appears to be. 

On social media[1], the assumption is that come November, California is going to be the latest and the biggest state to allow recreational adult marijuana use. Advocates of Proposition 64[2], the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, certainly appear optimistic.

However, this optimism may be premature. Polls show younger voters, including Republicans[3], are strongly predisposed to support proposals such as the Nov. 8 ballot measure. But voters who haven’t made up their minds may be dismayed upon learning what’s happened in Colorado since voters there approved pot legalization in 2012.

CalWatchdog[4] has more. 

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