CalWatchdog Morning Read – August 10

by CalWatchdog Staff | August 10, 2016 9:00 am

Good morning and happy Hump Day. In anticipation of the mad dash to pass legislation prior to the rapidly-approaching end of session, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon has no intentions of stopping the practice loathed by many rank-and-file legislators called “gut and amend.”

Even as a measure to end the most egregious offenses waits for voters in November, even as the procedure is discouraged by leadership and even as the move is prohibited by the Legislature’s rules, Rendon will continue to allow bills to be gutted and amended, his staff confirmed.   

Gut and amend is a catchall phrase thrown around Sacramento. In general, it means removing all or a substantial part of a bill and replacing it with new provisions that have little or nothing to do with the bill’s original intent, especially after the bill’s shell has passed through a part of the process, like a committee hearing or a vote in one chamber.

Proponents say there are instances when it’s necessary, but detractors say it leads to bad legislation and limits the power of those with an opposing view. The times that irk opponents the most are when a bill is gutted and amended sometimes just hours before a vote.

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