CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 7

by CalWatchdog Staff | November 7, 2016 9:04 am

Good morning. Happy Election Day Eve. Hope you had a great weekend. Your Morning Read author had his first persimmon this weekend — yet another reason to like California. 

The election is tomorrow, and one of the closest choices voters will have to make is what to do about the death penalty. There are two competing measures: one speeds up the process while the other would stop it entirely. 

If approved, Prop. 62 would repeal the death penalty and commute the condemned sentences to life without parole. And slightly further down the ballot, Prop. 66 would speed up the process by expanding the number of courts and attorneys able to hear and try death penalty appeals to meet a five-year cap on the appeals process that currently takes decades. (If both measures pass, the highest vote-getter would become law.)

But failure to meet the five-year time frame would not commute the sentence or throw out the appeal, according to the proposed language. So what happens at the five-year mark?

CalWatchdog[1] answers that question. 

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