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Wins and losses in latest CA gun control battles

September 10, 2014 By James Poulos. Gun control laws in the state of California have entered into a period of flux. Despite a reputation for exceptionally strict gun measures, the regulatory landscape has become a mixed bag. Advocates of tighter restrictions and advocates of looser ones have won some key battles and lost others -- with the outcome of still other clashes undetermined. A new Second Amendment struggle L...

Sacramento unplugs Brown battery plan

battery matrix
September 9, 2014 By Wayne Lusvardi.   At its Sept. 4 meeting, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District deferred deploying batteries along its electric grid in compliance with Assembly Bill 2514 of 2010. The reason: energy storage was not economically feasible. (See p. 93 and p. 143 of the Board Agenda) The action was a reversal for Gov. Jerry Brown. While attorney general, he co-wrote AB2514 with Assemblywo...

Despite incentives, Tesla stiffs CA

Tesla Model S wikimedia
September 9, 2014 By James Poulos. Ensnared by deep contradictions between its regulations and priorities, California officials failed to close a massive deal with automaker Tesla, allowing Nevada to ink a landmark agreement. California and Nevada were just two of the states vying for Tesla's $5 billion "gigafactory," where the company will produce the lithium-ion batteries that power its electric cars. Arizona, New ...

Water deal turnoff helped parch L.A.

Cadiz Water sign
September 9, 2014 By Wayne Lusvardi. Los Angeles sure could use extra water right now. But in 2002 the water-locked city forfeited a Golden State opportunity to buy drought-relief water from the Cadiz Inc. water company, mainly due to political pressure from environmental organizations.  Other more nimble public water agencies and private water companies have already snapped up most of the water from what now is ca...
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