Don’t Like the Taste of CBD? Here Are Other Ways to Consume

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CBD has been regarded as one of the exciting medications that you can buy in most countries. It was only a few decades back when this picture was indeed painted very grim. CBD had terrible cases of being stigmatized due to its somewhat weak association with marijuana. It took a while for the people to start seeing what they were missing out on, by choosing to look the other way. The streets started to be lined by supporters of CBD and finally, the wall was broken through when the Farm Bill was passed 2018.

CBD is a lot of things – a potent anti-inflammatory agent, a credible pain reliever, a sleep inducer, a holistic medication that helps soothe anxiety and stress, and a healing cream etc … so many titles and so many CBD health benefits. Nevertheless, one thing that CBD isn’t is tasty.

Taste: The Chink In Its Armor

People who have tried pure CBD would pin the taste of this lifesaving extract much like that of the earth, although nourishing it tasted like dirt. The earthy flavor can be compared to the strong smell of the soil that you may get of the whiff of when it rains heavy. For some, this is simply unbearable. They are long past the age of grimacing while drinking bitter cough syrups and they do not want a trip through memory lane.

This becomes a problem especially for kids, who find it even harder to ingest it. If you are someone who doesn’t want to let CBD go to waste and still want to be able to reap its rich benefits, we are willing to tell you some ways in which you can consume it…minus the after taste.

CBD Pills

This has to be undoubtedly one of the easiest ways of taking CBD in. It ranks as the second most popular way to consume CBD after CBD oil. The combination is simply perfect; we have the gel coating that encapsulates the contents of the CBD oil and it saves your taste buds from chancing the earthy flavor of CBD. This is ideal especially for those who find the dreaded idea of tasting the strong flavor too sensitive.

Another reason that makes CBD capsules a winner is that you are spared from accidental spillage. Carrying a bottle of tincture or CBD oil can cause the cap to loosen and the contents to spill into your carrying bag. Plus CBD capsules are one the best inconspicuous ways of getting CBD into your system. You can be sitting amid a bustling office or a public bus and you can simply reach for a CBD capsule and enjoy it.

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CBD Vapes/ CBD E-Oil 

If you are someone who fancies a smoke or are accepting the idea of inhaling fumes, then CBD vapes are the perfect additions to your CBD entourage of products. The best thing about having a CBD vape pen is that the effects of the CBD are much faster acting. If you are in excruciating pain and want a fast, safe, and natural relief, then CBD vape is your go-to. The dense network of alveoli in the lungs acts as an interface that takes in all of the CBD from the fumes and directly passes it into the bloodstream. Not only will, taking CBD in this method throw out the possibility of you catching its taste; but also to make matters easier, the fumes are generally added with different flavors of menthol, sweet berries, and even chocolate or vanilla. It is a sweet indulgence that you can look forward to. However, this is not a method that would go well with those of younger ages, for reasons you already know.

CBD Gummies

These are going to be a star among the younger ones among us. You are indulging in a sweet treat that just happens to be CBD. The taste of CBD is completely masked with sweetness. Because of this, the dosage of CBD is also not very high. For kids, however, this is perfect. They only require doses in accordance with their low body weight. Many other CBD products mask the feeling of it being a medication like CBD chocolates, CBD gum, and many more. The sheer versatility of CBD allows it to be fused into most food stuff, so the choices are endless if you are ready to search for it.

The Final Note

The sheer list of CBD products that are available on the market is far too many to list out. If you don’t like one form of CBD, we can assure you that you will be able to find other attractive options. As they say, “there is always something for everyone,” and in the case of CBD, this couldn’t be any more truer! Take the plunge with any of the numerous CBD products and find yourself to be in for a pleasant surprise.

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