All About Extracting CBD With CO2 Extraction

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Different types of CBD products are now available in the market. We all might have wondered how these products are manufactured. There are several procedures involved in making CBD products. It starts from the cultivation of the hemp plant to bottling the final products. CBD extraction is one of the major steps involved in the manufacturing process of this substance.

Today’s world is curious about knowing the manufacturing procedures of all the things that are available for consumption. If you have ever searched for the steps involved in making CBD products, you would have come across the word CO2 extraction. This is one of the commonly used techniques of extracting CBD. A few things to know about this method of extracting CBD are as follows.

What Is CO2 Extraction?

Extraction is the process of removing or separating beneficial elements from the plants or any other substance. CBD extraction is the process of deriving the element and other essential cannabinoids from the flower, leaf, and stem of the dried hemp plant. CO2 extraction works using an intensely pressurized carbon dioxide. For this procedure, CO2 will be frozen under -69 degree F and compressed into a state in which it can behave as both a gas and also as a liquid. This CO2 will be later passed into a chamber containing a dried hemp plant. At this stage, the compressed CO2 will act as a solvent and helps in deriving all the necessary elements from the plant material.

Why Is It Not Used By All The Producers?

The process of converting a gas like carbon dioxide into supercritical form is an expensive one. It not only takes much time but also requires so much expensive machinery. The cost of building the extraction chamber and storage units for the compressed solvent is also very high. In addition, it requires frequent supervision of experts during the making and also during the usage of such substances. Therefore, only the manufacturers who can invest a lot of money in the extraction process can only use this technique. This unique extraction process makes for the purest of CBD products, meaning the highest effectiveness on pain and other ailments

What Are The Other Methods Of CBD extraction?

There are many methods used for extracting CBD from the hemp plant other than the CO2 extraction method. The solvent method is one such commonly used method for extracting CBD. This method uses chemicals like ethanol and butane to extract CBD from the plants. Even though it is an effective method, it has many drawbacks. Firstly, the chemicals used in this procedure are highly inflammable, therefore, there is a high risk of fire during the extraction phase. Another risk involved in this procedure is that if these chemicals are not properly separated from the CBD after the extraction process, its traces will be carried to the final product.

Why CBD Extraction Is Considered Better Than Other Methods?

There are many reasons to consider CO2 extraction as the best method for deriving CBD from the hemp plant. Firstly, CO2 is a natural element. It can be found in the air we breathe and also in many foods that we eat. It is also an approved element that is used in many beverages. The human body is also capable of producing CO2 during the respiration process. Therefore, if there are any traces of CO2 after extracting CBD, it will not lead to any adverse effects. Secondly, it will not stay in the extract for a long time, when the compressed carbon dioxide makes contact with the air, it will suddenly get dissolved in the atmosphere. Hence it is the safest solvent that can be used for CBD extraction.

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What Are The Other Benefits of This Method?

There are many advantages associated with the CO2 extraction method. Firstly, it is easier for producers to undertake the process involved in this method. Since it is a non-compostable element, it is easier to handle compared to other solvents like butane. Secondly, it is an environmentally friendly technique. This method will not emit huge loads of harmful gases to the atmosphere. In addition to that, CO2, which is used in the absorption of CBD can be reused by reversing its form back to that of a solvent.

There are many methods available for the extraction of CBD from the hemp plant. Among these methods, the CO2 extraction method is considered the best technique. This is because it is equally safe for the producer, consumer and also the environment. This method also allows the producer to reuse the solvent which was once used for the same. This method plays a major role in manufacturing high-quality CBD products. However, due to the requirement of a huge cost for setting up the facility for this method, only those producers who have abundant capital are practicing this technique.

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