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Chron: The Power Of The Nurses Union
LAT: Harris Near Victory, Cooley Talking Recount
Thanksgiving for California
Thank you for your wine, California, Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits. -- "Sweet Virginia," by The Rolling Stones NOV. 23, 2010 By JOHN SEILER California has a lot of problems, with the budget, unemployment and all. But with Thanksgiving this week, I thought I'd list some of the things...
Do Not Boil The Turkey
Katy Grimes: My grandmother was Welsh. Her parents arrived from Wales during the gold rush, but never made it past Illinois. She was a lovely woman, well-educated, and schooled in all of the social graces, but she never quite mastered culinary skills. My family was not able to spend many holidays w...
Thanksgiving For Dummies
Anthony Pignataro: Well, it's that time again: the time when fire departments across our great nation respond to 1,300 fires caused by out of control cooking, as opposed to the 420 such fires they usually deal with every day. That's right, it's Thanksgiving, and once again, the good people at the ...