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Little Hoover Critiques Community Colleges 0

JUNE 28, 2011 By DAVE ROBERTS If California’s educational system were a student, it would be made to sit on a stool in the corner with a dunce cap on its head. Nearly one in four Californians is functionally illiterate,

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Stockton SWAT Raid Over Student Loans 10

JUNE 10, 2011 By JOHN SEILER Editor’s note: This article was rewritten to reflect more recent information, which corrected some of what was reported. The evidence that America now is a full-blown police state keeps pouring in. Governments short of

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Teachers' unions locking parent trigger 0

JUNE 8, 2011 This article was first published in City Journal California. By BEN BOYCHUK California’s landmark parent-empowerment law, passed last year, is one of the state’s few bright spots in education. But the law is under assault on multiple

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Brown Cut Only 1% of School “Earmarks” 0

JUNE 7, 2011 By WAYNE LUSVARDI  The word “mandate” sounds like something absolutely essential and mandatory. However, when it comes to school funding “mandates” in California, it is no guarantee that what is being described is an essential job or

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Bill Would Mandate Union Teacher Jobs 0

JUNE 2, 2011 By, KATY GRIMES An education bill is being used to increase the power of teachers’ unions. AB 515 is by Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, D-Santa Monica, and was heard and voted on in the Assembly this week. It appears to

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