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Immigration reform all but dead for 2013 and 2014

Shocked by their poor showing in the 2012 presidential election, Republicans looked for ways to change their brand. The first idea: Embrace immigration reform. A slew of Republican lawmakers and influential conservative intellectuals came out in favor of granting citizenship

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Issues split CA GOP delegation in Congress

Typically, congressional delegations can be divided into two camps, Republicans and Democrats. Some smaller states — such as Massachusetts or Rhode Island — are only represented by one party. But more populous states like Texas and Illinois typically bring both

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Some CA Republicans move Left on immigration

While several California Republican congressmen have reiterated previous support for comprehensive immigration reform in recent days, it is still unlikely that the House will take up a bill on the matter anytime this year. A few days ago, Rep. Jeff

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Will immigration reform move forward?

President Obama, during his press conference Thursday, identified three policy areas where he believed Congress — at its most dysfunctional point in recent memory — could actually produce legislation. He suggested that the legislative branch pursue a farm bill, a

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Shutdown casts shadow over CA races for U.S. House

The partial government shutdown is now in its second week. Throughout the duration of the shutdown, national and local media have released myriad stories about the pain that different government workers — and those who rely on government — are

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