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Judge rebuffs AG Harris on donor disclosures

  California Attorney General Kamala Harris lost a high-profile lawsuit over her attempt to obtain donor records from an organization in the orbit of the Koch brothers. Judging First Amendment protections to exceed what Harris had characterized as the confines of

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Steyer, CA Democrats denounce money in politics

SAN JOSE – California Democrats decried the influence of money in politics at their convention on Saturday as they introduced Tom Steyer to speak. Steyer is a wealthy hedge fund manager and top-Democratic donor who runs an environmental group called

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Kochs’ CA donor conclave reflects uneasy race

With the Republican primary race for the presidential nomination still remarkably fluid, donors and campaign heavyweights gathered under the Koch brothers’ aegis in the California desert to discuss — and possibly shape — the party’s political future. The event, located

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CA Attorney General wants confidential Koch data

Pressing for access to confidential lists kept by the Koch brothers, U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris injected another note of politics into her tenure as California Attorney General. Harris “has a fight on her hands trying to get the brothers’ Americans

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GOP mega-donors gather in SoCal; meet with candidates and discuss policy

Hosted by the organization bearing the Koch brothers’ name, Some 450 business leaders came together in Southern California to think through their policy priorities for 2016. At stake was nearly $890 million in funds to be allocated through the end of next year,

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FPPC on ‘dark money’ witch hunt

Just in time for Halloween, the Fair Political Practices Commission completed a modern-day witch-hunt last week, looking for “dark money.” Ann Ravel, the outgoing chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission, had accused libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch

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