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CA appeals court reverses landmark ruling that upended teacher tenure

In national news with profound statewide reverberations, a California appeals court reversed the controversial decision handed down two years ago in Vergara v. the State of California and the California Teachers Association. “At issue were five state laws that established layoff

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CA GOP labors to keep top talent

With an underperforming field of gubernatorial candidates and no dominant figures leading the party, California Republicans have found themselves hard up for statewide leadership. Many high-profile California Republicans have shown a strong inclination to leave the state altogether to pursue their political fortunes

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2018 gubernatorial race already heating up

Still more than two years away, the race to succeed Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018 has already become one of the most closely watched competitions in California politics. It has made adversaries of the state’s two highest-profile personifications of its two biggest

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Electric skateboard startups set to flourish in CA

With a unique new law on its side, the nascent electric skateboard industry has made California its home. Two new startups — a third leader is based out of New York — have set up shop in San Francisco. The cofounders of

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CA GOP flexes Sacramento muscle on road repairs

In a move that handed Sacramento Republicans a sudden share of power, state legislators finally turned their attention to California’s deteriorating infrastructure. In recent years, California’s roadways have fallen into what analysts often agree is terrible shape. “Our streets and highways are in horrible

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