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Students Protest For Entitlements 1

Katy Grimes: On the west steps of the Capitol today a small group of college students protested the proposed cuts to public university and community college budgets — schools which the California taxpayers already subsidize. And right along with the

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2/3 Wis. 8th Graders Not Proficient 0

John Seiler: Wisconsin teachers have been on strike. And they object to Gov. Scott Walker’s move to end or limit collective bargaining. They’re also the highest-paid teachers in the Midwest. So, how well are they teaching? This is from CNS

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Edu-fascism 0

John Seiler: Here’s yet another outrage from our “public” school system: GPS systems for kids who play hooky. I thought the 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Reports the Orange County Register: ANAHEIM – Frustrated by students habitually skipping class, police and

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