Prop. 30 would boost even higher California’s top sales tax

September 22, 2012 - By CalWatchdog Staff

Sept. 23, 2012

By John Seiler

Not only does Proposition 30 increase income taxes; it also boosts California sales taxes, already the highest among states, to an even higher level. The following chart shows state sales taxes.
And remember, a state like Tennessee, whose 7 percent sales tax is nearly has high as Taxifornia’s, doesn’t even have an income tax.

(Hat tap to Richard Rider, taxpayers’ best friend.)

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  1. Douglas says:

    WE’RE (not) NUMBER ONE !!

    If sales taxes are considered regressive because lower income families spend a higher percentage of income on taxable goods, how does California compare to states like Mississippi and Alabama, which charge full sales tax on groceries?

    Many other states either charge sales tax on food at a lower rate, or charge the full sales tax rate and have some kind of rebate program for lower income families. 

    In PER CAPITA terms, fourteen other states pay higher sales tax than California. 

    In TOTAL state plus local taxes, eleven other states have higher per capita taxes than California.

  2. Bob says:

    And how many cities and counties across the state have ballot measures to increase the local sales tax even more?

    I know Suckramento has a measure to tack on an additional .5%.

    And the idiots in Suckramento will probably pass it.

    Enjoy your sales tax increase, Katy.

  3. Queeg says:

    Let’s not get emotional!

    #30 is good fiscal policy!


  4. Rex the Wonder Dog! says:

    There are muni’s in LA county where the sales tax is over 10%, it should be no higher than 5%, 6% max anywhere in the state, this si why I USED to buy everything off of Amazon and Ebay.

  5. Rex the Wonder Dog! says:

    Let’s not get emotional!
    #30 is good fiscal policy!

    Will you PLEASE ban Teddys sock puppet, before I have to kill myself ;)

  6. Rex the Wonder Dog! says:

    here you go John, do a review of this great news!!!!!!–20120922,0,4888573.story

  7. Queeg says:

    Queeg keeps loons balanced!

  8. Rex the Wonder Dog! says:

    $100 Teddy- Prop 30 is DOA.

  9. Queeg says:

    Why do web sites attract loons…..this is a serious problem on CWD.

  10. Rex the Wonder Dog! says:

    Why do web sites attract Teddy sock puppets…..this is a serious problem on CWD.

  11. Hondo says:

    The huge 2009 Kalifornia tax increase didn’t work. The huge Illinois tax increase last year didn’t work. Those tax increases were on top of taxes that were too high to begin with.
    When this new tax increase brings in LOWER revenue, due to pushing the job creators to neighboring states, what will you do? And don’t give me that globalist cr#p. The money is going to states like Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, and Florida. Florida is where California public union members retire to. The Kalifornia taxes are killing them.

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