Mexican drug cartel kingpin thanks U.S. presidents

Mexican drug cartel kingpin thanks U.S. presidents

April 4, 2012

By John Seiler

Check out the video below. It shows how the “war on drugs” really has worked out: it has enriched drug lords. Drug Kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loara thanks our recent presidents, Reagan, the Bushes and Obama, for keeping drugs illegal, which keeps El Chapo in business.

Unfortunately, the “war on drugs” has led to the epidemic of gang murders in Mexico, especially since 1976 when President George W. Bush pushed Mexican President Calderon into greater attacks on the gangs.

When Portugal legalized drugs a decade ago, drug use actually dropped sharply. With the profit motive gone, drug gangs stopped pushing dope on people, especially children. The glamour of using dope was gone. And addicts, with the threat of arrest gone, more frequently got help kicking their habits.

The same thing would happen here. Instead, the U.S., state and local governments would rather push profits to El Chapo. That’s because the “war on drugs” is big money for the Yanqui police, politicians and private security firms. Gotta protect those big cop salaries and pensions. But they’re profiting from the blood of the gangs’ 30,000 dead victims.

Let’s legalize drugs, thus cutting drug use (as in Portugal), while putting El Chapo out of business.

Check out the short video:

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