Union hack Todd Spitzer wins big!

June 5, 2012

By Steven Greenhut

Well, you can’t win them all, and Todd Spitzer’s strong but expected win to the OC Board of Supervisors proves that there sometimes is no price to pay for doing terrible things. Spitzer practically tripped all over himself retroactively increasing pensions for public sector unions in 2001, an action that dramatically increased the county’s unfunded pension liability.

As Fullerton voters recalled three council members who they viewed were complicit in the attempted cover up of a police beating, county voters put back into office a man who is the cat’s paw for the law-enforcement unions, someone who opposed even the most modest reforms designed to hold abusive police officers accountable. In the Assembly, Spitzer portrayed anyone who opposed the cop lobby as a friend of criminals.

Typical of the OC GOP scene, most of the same people who have warned of the problems with giving a power-hungry, publicity driven authoritarian subpoena power, gladly jumped on board his campaign to win back a seat on the board when it became obvious that he would win. In OC, Republican leaders seem more interested in currying favor than they do in standing up for principle. Perhaps they want to be on Todd’s good side knowing that he eventually will get back to the DA’s office. A scary thought — and one that would be less likely if there were any courage left in the OC GOP. Sadly, there isn’t, and probably nothing will stop Spitzer’s disturbing rise to the DA’s office.

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