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Supreme Court could throw redistricting back to Legislature

California’s redistricting reforms could be revoked by the U.S. Supreme Court for congressional races in a case involving similar reforms in Arizona. State legislative races would not be affected, only races for the U.S. House of Representatives. Proposition 11, the

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Pro-Biz California Democrats Emerging? 11

FEB. 21, 2012 By WAYNE LUSVARDI The intent of California political redistricting has been to attract more centrist candidates who might reduce the notorious political dysfunction in the state Legislature. A candidate has entered the race for the newly created

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10 Ways to Improve Redistricting Process 0

FEB. 7, 2012 By JOHN HRABE Parents and gamblers have a hard time being objective. “If you ever put that much money on a pony, you kind of like it when it rounds home,” the self-described “proud father” of the

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CA GOP ‘Idiots’ Lose State Senate 0

FEB. 6, 2012 By JOHN HRABE Back to the campaign drawing board for California Republicans. The California Supreme Court recently upheld the maps drawn by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. The immediate fallout: State Sen. Sam Blakeslee, R-San Luis Obispo,

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Redistricting Boosts Dem Dominance 0

June 11, 2011 By JOHN SEILER As I was the first to predict 15 months ago right here on CalWatchDog.com, the 2011 redistricting likely would bring 2/3 Democratic dominance in the California Legislature. The reasons were increased voter registration by

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