Pelosi protects Stasi superstate

Pelosi protects Stasi superstate

The key person keeping the NSA-Stasi National Security State going is Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco., the House Democratic Leader; and former and possibly future House Speaker. Reported Foreign Policy magazine:

Pelosi - official picture“The obituary of Rep. Justin Amash’s amendment to claw back the sweeping powers of the National Security Agency has largely been written as a victory for the White House and NSA chief Keith Alexander, who lobbied the Hill aggressively in the days and hours ahead of Wednesday’s shockingly close vote. But Hill sources say most of the credit for the amendment’s defeat goes to someone else: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It’s an odd turn, considering that Pelosi has been, on many occasions, a vocal surveillance critic.

Say, wasn’t San Francisco supposed to be the world’s freest, loosest, swingingist, wildest place?

Nope. That’s just public relations. If it really were such a place, it would vote Pelosi out at the next election. But it won’t. She’ll still get the same 85 percent she got in 2012.

As Pelosi’s vote shows, San Francisco, whatever it may have been like at Haight-Ashbury in the Summer of Love in 1967, now is a center of Stasi-style repression and control. The people there, by backing Pelosi, want the NSA to continue to spy on everything everybody does.

Let’s contrast her with my favorite Democrat, a liberal of the Old School, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. He recently gave a remarkable speech for the Center for American Progress Event on NSA Surveillance. He said:

“When the Patriot Act was last reauthorized, I stood on the floor of the United States Senate and said:

“I want to deliver a warning this afternoon. When the American people find out how their government has interpreted the Patriot Act, they are going to be stunned and they are going to be angry. From my position on the Senate Intelligence Committee, I had seen government activities conducted under the umbrella of the Patriot Act that I knew would astonish most Americans.

“At the time, Senate rules about classified information barred me from giving any specifics of what I’d seen except to describe it as Secret Law ­­– a secret interpretation of the Patriot Act, issued by a secret court, that authorizes secret surveillance programs ­ programs that I and colleagues think go far beyond the intent of the statute.”

Get that? “We, the People” put Wyden and other members of Congress in office so they can watch government and tell us what’s going on. But it’s all “secret…secret…secret…secret.” And he can’t talk about it!

The whistleblower Edward Snowden since has revealed the extent — that is, total spying on us — of the NSA’s Stasi-snooping activities.

Fourth Amendment

All of this violates the Fourth Amendment:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Of course, the excuse the government gives is to protect us from “terrorism.” In fact, it’s just to control us.


“If that is not enough to give you pause, then consider that not only were the existence of and the legal justification for these programs kept completely secret from the American people, senior officials from across the government were making statements to the public about domestic surveillance that were clearly misleading and at times simply false. Senator Mark Udall and I tried again and again to get the executive branch to be straight with the public, but under the classification rules observed by the Senate we are not even allowed to tap the truth out in Morse code ­ and we tried just about everything else we could think of to warn the American people.”

He’s referring to how NSA boss James Clapper lied to Congress on March 12 about whether the NSA spied on absolutely everybody. Yet Clapper has not been fired by President Obama. Nor has Clapper been impeached and removed from office by Congress. Pelosi has led no movement to punish Clapper.

Bipartisan repression

Of course, Republicans are just as much to blame as Pelosi. President George W. Bush imposed the totalitarian “Patriot” (really, Traitors’) Act in 2001, after it was passed by the Republican-controlled House and the Democratic-controlled Senate.

And on the NSA vote, Republican House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio voted the same as the woman he replaced in that office: Nancy Pelosi. They also did what Democratic President Obama told them. And the House vote on the NSA bill split both parties; although a majority of Republicans favored it (siding with Pelosi and Obama, their supposed opponents); while a majority of Democrats opposed it.

So it’s bipartisan support in Congress for the NSA-Stasi police state, despite the outcries by the American people against this tyranny.

But Pelosi, coming from once carefree and anarchic San Francisco, has become a symbol of the city’s, and America’s, flip from freedom into repression.



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  1. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 26 July, 2013, 15:15

    Speaking of more flips. Excerpts from NYT story re: Holder/Snowden. With commentary LOL
    Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a letter sent to the Russian minister of justice this week that the United States would not seek the death penalty against Edward J. Snowden……

    …..The letter also offered reassurances that the United States would not torture Mr. Snowden…….

    Just a second there, pilgrim. We are to believe that Russia……RUSSIA….had concerns about “torture” and the “death penalty”? The very country that perfected both during most of the 20th Century? The country that holds world records in killing its own citizens, as well as the Number 1 ranking AND world championship belts in pogroms and gulags?

    They probably sent that as a joke, to see if Holder would take the bait. (He did. That doofus.)……and are now laughing like hyenas and slamming vodka shooters over what a bunch of saps the Americans have become.

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  2. Let It Collapse
    Let It Collapse 26 July, 2013, 15:36

    Pelosi is really a piece of work. Typical liberal who wants the full surveillance powers of government imposed on it’s citizens. But then Nancy was the same one who told us that Congress had to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it. How did all that work out? Pelosi is an NSA groupie. She loves that big listening phallic symbol in the sky.

    But it’s not just Pelosi. Here are some of the other California House reps who voted to fund NSA and to continue to violate our 4th amendment rights:

    Royce, Calvert, Davis, McCarthy, McKeon, Thompson, Issa, Brownley, Nunes, etc….some staunch conservative Republicans. So there’s more than enough blame to go around. The ‘ney’ votes were interpreted to mean to favor funding NSA and allowing them to confiscate and analyze your telephone calls and other communication messages. Here, look for yourself who the culprits were:

    They want your guns, they want to clandestinely monitor your communications, they want more of your money in form of taxes, they want to ‘stop and frisk’ you upon command, they want full control over your healthcare, they want warrantless searches, they want gov GPS devices in all your cars, eventually they will want a piece of your soul and your first born…..

    And it’s just a matter of time before they get it all!

    This is the direction America is headed….like it or not.

    Don’t blame me….I’m just the messenger.

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  3. loufca
    loufca 26 July, 2013, 17:46

    The gentry liberals in San Francisco are truly blind to the truth. Notice that you don’t see any wind turbines in SF do you? If you have ever been on the west side, it would be a great place for turbines. But, the NIMBY’s in SF are just like those in Mass., “do as I say not as I do”. Hypocrites from the start.

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  4. Ulusses Uhaul
    Ulusses Uhaul 26 July, 2013, 21:45

    Drones are aloft!

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  5. Donkey
    Donkey 26 July, 2013, 21:47

    The Fourth Amendment is no longer valid in America. Any government agent can do as they please with a non-connected citizen!! 🙂

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  6. Hondo
    Hondo 27 July, 2013, 08:23

    General warrants are illegal under the 4th amend. and were the real reason for the 4th. The republicans and the democrats both decided that after 911, rather than secure our border and limit immigration to manageable security level, the USSA would just decide that ALL Amerikans would be now terrorist suspects. That is why Muslim looking men skate through the airport and your 6yo daughter gets felt up. That is why the NSA is collecting info on every single phone call, web site you visit, email and text you send. All cars will have GPS black boxes in two years and every corner on every street in the USSA has got a camera(or is going to get one)and they will track every inch of every drive you make in your car. And that will go into gigantic mainframes for all time.
    Stalin would approve.
    Edward Snowden is the greatest living American.

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  7. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 27 July, 2013, 12:13

    Hondo….your out of your league….your verbal abuse on this site is sickening….CWD hello?

    Dump this guy!

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  8. The Ted Paradox
    The Ted Paradox 27 July, 2013, 16:46

    Lol John,

    Do u know ANYthing about the real East German Police?

    Once again prone to overstatement.

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  9. The Ted Paradox
    The Ted Paradox 27 July, 2013, 16:48


    Snowmen is just another run o the mill dirtbag traitor.

    I am not surprised u worship him.

    This is a strange blog…

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  10. Ted Steele, The Decider
    Ted Steele, The Decider 28 July, 2013, 08:08

    Honda– Snowden is a punk traitor— Not surprised you support him. CWD is a strange place.

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    • Donkey
      Donkey 28 July, 2013, 22:11

      Edward Snowden has done what a person of your character would never do Teddy Steals, tell the truth when tyranny is about!! 🙂

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  11. admin
    admin 28 July, 2013, 10:31

    Ted: Snowden is a courageous whistleblower against the Stasi-Bush-Obama-KGB police state.

    — John Seiler

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  12. Let It Collapse
    Let It Collapse 28 July, 2013, 13:11

    We spy on people all the time overseas. In every way possible. Even our allies. And most other nations, who are capable of it, spy on us too. It’s been that way forever. But the US Constitution and the 4th Amendment stops at the lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii. It does not extend outside the boundaries of the USA.

    Mr. Snowden is a courageous and honorable man. He saw a wrong, and tried to right it. He had nothing to gain from it and everything to lose. He had a gravy job making nice money living in Hawaii with a hot GF. Paradise. Yet he chose to blow the whistle. He has more integrity and honor in his little pinky than all 535 have combined at the nation’s Capital.

    Feincrime wants him so bad she can taste it. I watched her foaming at the mouth today while talking about Snowden. Yet she hasn’t said squat about bringing Jame Clapper (who willfully LIED under oath before Congress)to justice. And Feincrime has never demanded that all the crooked politicians and Wall Street thugs who fleeced America be brought to justice either. Nor has she waved her little hatchet and demanded that the too big to fail banksters who collectively laundered trillions of narco-dollars for the south of the border drug cartels (and who were found criminally liable in civil court) be arrested, jailed and prosecuted for their crimes. Nope. She gave all those people a big fat pass. But Feincrime paints Snowden out to be Ivan the Terrible. It’s a shame what this nation’s turned into. Yes, shameful. Rotten at the very top.

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  13. Ted
    Ted 28 July, 2013, 15:07

    John if u really believe that than u are farther gone than I thought.
    Whistle blowing isn’t done by going to our enemies with secrets in a time of war. On another note, this
    Info seems akin to pen registers which have long been held not to attain a very high expectation of privacy.
    Your invocation of the East Germans says a lot about your hysterical style and
    Little about historical reality.

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  14. Ted
    Ted 28 July, 2013, 16:39

    John we are a nation of laws. I thought u liked the Constitution? Snowden could’ve availed himself of
    The whistleblower statutes but instead the high school dropout chose to violate the USC multiple times
    And bring state secrets to the terrorists. Nothing noble here John.

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    • admin
      admin 29 July, 2013, 11:48

      Ted: See my other recent post. Snowden dropped out of high school because he was bored with the uniform, Federal Govt.-imposed brainwashing. Dropping out is plus. He later got his GED and obviously is highly intelligent.

      He did NOT “bring state secrets to the terrorists,” but revealed to the American people the extent to which “government of the people” was spying on the people in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

      — John Seiler

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  15. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 28 July, 2013, 17:07

    CWD has alarming subversive ilk gravitating and possibly taking over the site. They just might move it to Fallbrook to rub shoulders with fellow malcontents.

    Why on earth these ultra righties aren’t

    shut down amazes!!

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  16. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 29 July, 2013, 08:22

    You’ve lost it John—-

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  17. admin
    admin 29 July, 2013, 09:40

    Ted: We no longer are a “nation of laws,” but of central regime dictates. Obama has persecuted whistleblowers more than any previous president:

    If Snowden comes back here, under the NDAA, he would be “disappeared,” waterboarded and killed.

    — John Seiler

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  18. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 29 July, 2013, 10:02

    John– Honestly amigo—you are way paranoid. Name 5 people who have been “disappeared” as you say?

    And just so I know where you’re coming from…Do you think 9-11 was an inside job?

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    • admin
      admin 30 July, 2013, 11:41

      Ted: It hasn’t happened yet. But read the NDAA, which allows it. And look at the history of tyrannies.

      — John Seiler

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  19. Let It Collapse
    Let It Collapse 29 July, 2013, 15:38

    John is right.

    We have slid down the slippery slope. Your former civil rights law professor and community organizer has jumped the shark. He is the exact opposite as he portrayed himself in 2008. The classic wolf disguised as a sheep. And many of you bought the whole package. The best route to take is to admit your mistake and vow not to repeat it again. If you can’t do that, you are definitely part of the problem. Like the German leute who turned a blind eye. No different. Exactly the same. Truth.

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  20. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 30 July, 2013, 11:08

    John—See what company you’re in? Mr Let it collapse (read-anarchy) is on your side. Nice. What other laws do you think it’s ok for your friends to violate? What laws is it ok for my friends to violate?

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    • admin
      admin 30 July, 2013, 11:42

      Company I keep? You mean leftists that agree with me on the NSA unconstitutional snooping, like Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU?

      As to laws, it’s the govt. that’s lawless because it has shredded most of the Constitution, exp. the Fourth Amendment.

      — John Seiler

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  21. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 30 July, 2013, 13:50

    Name one specific element repealed of the Constitution?

    Name 5 dissappeared people you claim?

    The comppany you keep I ref to is Mr. Let it collapse out here who agrees with you?

    Answer my question John– which laws can I violate or ignore????

    Your position is weak–very weak.

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    • admin
      admin 30 July, 2013, 15:51


      1. The Fourth Amendment.

      2. The NDAA “disappear” law was just passed last Dec. 31, so probably nobody yet. But almost by definition, if someone was “disappeared,” we wouldn’t hear about it.

      3. Company I keep? That’s guilt by association.

      4. If you’re in the government, you can violate almost any law, and usually get away with it. See Will Grigg’s Pro Libertate:

      5. That’s, like, just your opinion, man. (To quote The Dude.)

      — John Seiler

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  22. Donkey
    Donkey 30 July, 2013, 16:53

    Teddy Steals, I can name a few that were systematically murdered by the government, Kenny Trentidue, Willie Guthrie, Sgt. Terry Yeakey, Mike Loudensager,and Dr. Don Chumly. These murders can all be traced back to the Oklahoma City bombing, but none of them are alive to tell what the government was really responsible for in this case. These cases were out and out government executions to silence people that knew of or were suspected of knowing the truth. 🙂

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  23. Ted Steele, The Decider
    Ted Steele, The Decider 30 July, 2013, 19:15


    You’re not privy to the new s— man.

    By God I appreciate your quote!

    1. There has been zero repealed from the 4th A. Simply zero. It still works every day in Art. 3 courts and it’s progeny is followed in all fed courts and all 50 states and Puerto Rico. You’re just wrong on this amigo. Our current USSC has NEVER issued an opinion limiting it in any way. You may be Glenn Beck’s cousin.

    2. You and I agree no one has disappeared– good. Try to relax a little buddy.

    3. Guilt by association, yes you are. There is nothing wrong with the private finding of guilt- only government findings are proscribed by the Constitution. I find the company you keep simply goofy. Not all of it of course. I get to make this finding because there is a Constitution and because we are so free here, free to critique the media, well, you little buddy!

    4. Cite the stats that show violations to accusations and or convictions, otherwise, please stop the hysterical hyperbole, you’re supposed to be better than that.

    5. An endearing thing about you is that you understand what it takes to abide.Remember, the ringer only has undies in it man, you know, the whites!

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  24. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 31 July, 2013, 07:40

    I left you a nice reply John but it has not posted yet?

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    • admin
      admin 31 July, 2013, 09:37

      Ted: We’re finally getting the Spam under control, I think. Your earlier post has been approved.

      — John Seiler

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  25. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 31 July, 2013, 15:18

    The Ted Abides


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  26. Donkey
    Donkey 31 July, 2013, 17:10

    Teddy Steals… Government agents murder and kidnap citizens on a daily basis….

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  27. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 1 August, 2013, 10:26

    LOL— So John— Now your hero is off to debrief with Putin’s boys! LOL some hero!

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    • admin
      admin 1 August, 2013, 11:05

      Ted, you’re right:



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  28. The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit
    The Ted Steele Conceptual Abstraction Unit 1 August, 2013, 10:26

    Duncey– You live in a dream world little buddy! Enjoy!

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  29. Donkey
    Donkey 2 August, 2013, 06:04

    Teddy Steals, like John wrote above: “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”

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  30. Donkey
    Donkey 2 August, 2013, 06:06

    Teddy Steals, I gave you five names of people that were executed by government agents…

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  31. Ted Steele, Janitor
    Ted Steele, Janitor 3 August, 2013, 18:47

    John– You must be proud of your hero, off in the former Soviet Union giving the KGB closer secrets of our nation that will undoubtedly pass into our enemies hands while we have troops in the field. Wow. Your blog is truly morphing into something. But John…again…..since the high school dropout is a hero for violating the USC and his oath, again…..what laws will it be ok for MY friends to violate because it is inconvenient?

    Ignorance indeed.

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  32. Ted Steele, Janitor
    Ted Steele, Janitor 3 August, 2013, 18:49

    Duncey– Sorry little buddy, I missed your 5 names. Again— 5 names of people “disappeared” behind the Patriot Act ™.

    0 for 15 ™ LOL

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