How’s Obamacare working in Canada?

How’s Obamacare working in Canada?

Canada has injected its version of Obamacare into its body politic for more than 40 years. How’s it working?

The following video is from the CBC, Canada’s government-run media system.

The video reports that, in British Columbia, “wait times are getting longer.” Already, it takes more than 5 years to get a routine operation for a sinus condition.

The median wait time for surgery in B.C. has risen to 19.3 weeks, from 18.8 weeks in 2010. That’s now almost 5 months.

Mike de Jong, the top B.C. health-care functionary, says they’re performing 25 percent more surgical procedures than 10 years ago. No doubt. As in America, Canada’s Baby Boomers are aging and need more care.

Looks like we’ll be putting up with the same thing soon. Except that we won’t enjoy the one thing Canadians do from their system: overall medical costs about half that in America.

In typical modern American fashion, under Obamacare we’re going to combine the high cost of capitalism with the incompetence of socialism.

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