Debate: Brown defends realignment as ‘success’

Questioner asks Kashkari about his key role in the Troubled Asset Relief Program under Presidents Bush and Obama. He strongly defends his record, says TARP made all money back, and notes Brown praised TARP’s effects.

Brown: “When you hand out money, you can get everyone to go along.” And he takes populist shots at TARP’s emphasis on helping banks, not taxpayers.

“People who caused the problem, they got rewarded,” governor says.

Kashkari notes Brown being sued for allegedly taking funds from housing nonprofits.

Questioner asks Brown about realignment moving prisoners from state to local confinement.

Gov defends policy as biggest change in prisons in decades and says state was forced to do so by U.S. high court rulings on CA prison overcrowding.

Notes sheriffs and police chiefs associations back him for re-election.

First two years of realignment a “success,” Brown says.

Kashkari calls it failure that has led to release of people who have raped and murdered people.

Questioner asks about California Environmental Quality Act and how both candidates have called for its reform. What do they mean?

Kashkari notes exemptions for Sacramento arena in legislation signed by gov and says that should be the norm — reasonable reviews but not infinite checks. Should be available to all — not just the well-connected. Links “well-meaning policies” to joblessness and high poverty.

Brown says he supports broad reforms but says it’s “quite a challenge” to get them done.

Somehow links this to Google and innovation.

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  1. Ted Steele, The Decider
    Ted Steele, The Decider 6 September, 2014, 07:10

    realignment IS an early success in terms of the fed lawsuit issues– if it is a success crime stat wise we will not be able to measure for about 3 years.

    But it was a good idea– more treatment for the so called non non non cases—- is a good idea. Locking people up for a year or two is pointless if the only issue is addiction. True libertarians ought to praise this. Here on CWD, the home of the republibagger, there are very few real libertarians.

    CWD— respond now….

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