Debate: Kashkari mocks focus on plastic bags, football practice limits

Questioner asks Kashkari if he would oppose CA’s continued implementation of Obamacare if elected.

He says he lost his own policy cuz of ACA and notes how the law creates incentive for employers to stop offering full-time jobs.

Brown links Kashkari to Goldman Sachs, says he’s like arsonist putting out fire.

He defends Covered California and CA’s record in general in implementing ACA.

Responds to economic criticism by citing raise in minimum wage and signing of law letting undocumented immigrants get driver’s licenses so they can work. Leads perfectly to next question.

Telemundo anchor asks about fact these licenses are different and stand out and mark holders as undocumented.

Brown says federal law requires distinction and vows no discrimination will take place. Pats himself on back for getting license law enacted.

Kashkari says federal immigration reform is what’s needed. “We can’t solve this at a state level.” Says he would’ve signed the law that Brown did.

Thought Kashkari would link this issue to Vergara and Latinos, but no.

Next questioner asks Kashkari to rate Schwarzenegger’s record as gov.

Cites their common background as immigrants. Says Arnold probably wished he could have gotten more done. Says his work on TARP shows he can overcome bipartisan differences to get things down.

Returns to economy. “24 percent poverty. Governor Brown doesn’t like to talk about it.”

Brown links Kashkari again to Goldman Sachs.

Says Arnold lacked “insider knowledge” to get things done.

Brown: “We are making incremental progress.” No specific response on poverty.

Questioner asks gov about bill banning plastic bags.

Brown says he’ll probably sign it and says too many local govs have conflicting ordinances.

Kashkari says he wouldn’t sign it and mocks Brown, Legislature for their focus on trivia like this and laws allowing dogs in restaurants and setting football practice limits.

“We actually need bold reform … not limits on football practice.”

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