Protester booted from Biden speech

SAN JOSE — Barely through his introduction, Vice President Joe Biden was interrupted by a protester who was screaming that Beau Biden died from cell phone complications. Biden

Beau Biden, the vice president’s late son, died last may of brain cancer. On his way out the door, the protester continued to scream that cell phones were killing people.”

“The FCC is lying to you,” the protester screamed towards thousands of Democrats, with a bright yellow sign to match.

But even as he was being escorted out, Biden, who was speaking at the California Democratic convention, said with a smile, “It’s OK, It’s OK,” noting that his son would have liked the protesting. And he even dipped into presidential politics to take a shot at GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who has routinely kicked protesters out of events.

“Let’s not act like Republicans,” Biden joked as the crowd booed the man.

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