Californians approve of Brown, Obama and CA — country, not so much

Brown and ObamaA majority of Californians approve of the job Gov. Jerry Brown is doing and think the state is on the right track, according to several Field Polls released this week. 

But the same correlation doesn’t extend to the perception of President Barack Obama, who received high marks, and the direction of the country, which a 54-percent majority sees headed down the wrong path. 

Brown and Obama polled nearly the same — 56 and 57 percent approval, respectively — with Democrats largely in support of both executives and Republicans largely disapproving.

Brown hasn’t dipped below 50 percent in the Field Poll since October 2012, when the state was still dealing with a budget crisis. For his part, Obama has consistently polled higher than Brown over the years

Depends on who you ask

The partisan split tells a different tale. While Democrats support Brown with a 74 percent approval rating, only 33 percent of Republicans approve. The split widens for Obama, who drew an 80 percent approval rating from Democrats and only 18 percent from Republicans.

Californians love California

But while Californians are more supportive of Obama than Brown, they are much more optimistic about the direction of the state compared to the direction of the country.

Fifty-two percent of Californians think the Golden State is on the right path, while only 34 percent think the country is headed in the right direction. In fact, the perception of California’s path has been steadily increasing since the 13-percent low point in 2010.  

What are they doing in Washington?

Californians’ perception of the country’s path has been far more volatile, hitting 45 percent in 2009, 24 percent in 2011, 42 percent in 2012 and 35 percent in 2014. And a majority of Californians haven’t thought the country was on the right track since 2002. 

The partisan split in perception continues with the direction of the country. Democrats are much more optimistic in both instances, with 66 percent saying California is on the right path and 44 percent approving of the country’s direction.

Republicans, meanwhile, pan both the direction of the state and country — 29 percent approval and 14 percent approval, respectively.


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  1. Truthafuss
    Truthafuss 16 July, 2016, 13:43

    That Californians are pretty much nutso, to the point of self-destruction, is a long established given. The long termers, or natives, are better than the norm, but of little consequence considering the nouveau, lately arrived hordes of rabble now in residence. Ever since the Boeing 707 every cuckoo originally from east of Reno wants to come to our once magnificent state and change it to no longer be magnificent. This endless stream of goons has just about finished us off. As for Brown and Obama? Good grief. You cannot name bigger losers.

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  2. Mike
    Mike 16 July, 2016, 17:56

    Saw a poster today promoting car rebates for income households,with a valid Ca drivers license, code illegals.
    Later, Jose driving his new Lincoln hybrid(Jose won t make a single payment for), packed with his fat horny wife, and 7 kids, four with the wife, and three the wife had with Leon, Rufus, and Pedro. Assisted housing, obamaphones, cable with 700 stations, and now a Lincoln with leather power seats. Jose is illegal and votes Democratic.

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  3. losbanos1
    losbanos1 17 July, 2016, 09:55

    This is 100% proof that liberal / Democrat =

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  4. T Ted Steele
    T Ted Steele 17 July, 2016, 15:42

    I’m so proud of President Obama
    Finally a wise mature intellect as Executive
    I wish the republican could field anybody with even half the talent

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  5. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 18 July, 2016, 08:11

    In California theres Disneyland and Hollywood no wonder their so screwed up in the south and bay area

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  6. Nancy K.
    Nancy K. 18 July, 2016, 12:41

    Just more proof I do not belong in California.

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  7. Mr. Pickle
    Mr. Pickle 18 July, 2016, 16:02

    Well, this guys does not, and has not EVER supported the policies of this Governor. What folks should know is how BAD the State financials are, and not drink the Kool-Aid of the liberal media. balanced budget my arse…………. $3 BILLION is owed just to the Special Funds that have been raided, MOST of which are user funded, and NOT General Fund funded programs…..
    BTW – Department of State Parks is trying to suck in the Division, known as the Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of Ca State Parks. Reason: They want the OHV folks money. They already did this to Boating & Waterways. Hunters, Fisherman and OHV folks need to be screaming bloody murder on this.
    Go to No Division, no access………

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  8. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 18 October, 2016, 13:47

    Look its Tweedleedee and tweedlledumb Wheres the jub jub bird when you need him?

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