CalWatchdog Morning Read – Inauguration Day

  • Time to work toward 100 percent renewables?
  • Raiders file paperwork for Vegas move
  • Trump moth
  • San Diego pensions falling short
  • Democratss pressure McCarthy on Obamacare in Bakersfield

Good morning! TGIF. It’s inauguration Day. So, in honor of the festivities, whether you’re watching in adoration of the incoming president, in morbid curiosity, or just plain ol’ hate watching, we’ll keep it short this morning.  

  • Environment: “It’s time to talk 100% renewable energy, California Senate leader says,” writes the Los Angeles Times

  • NFL: “The Oakland Raiders have made good on a threat that loomed over hometown fans for months, filing paperwork Thursday to move the National Football League team to Las Vegas.” SF Gate has more. 

  • Trump: “Scientists in California have named a newly discovered moth species after President-elect Donald Trump, saying the white and yellow scales on the insect’s head are reminiscent of Trump’s blond hairdo.” Capital Public Radio/AP have more. 

  • Pensions: “San Diego county and city pension funds have nearly $7 billion less in the bank than they need to cover benefits already earned by current and former employees, a deficit that’s risen 90 percent in just two years, new reports show.” Voice of San Diego has more.

  • Obamacare politics: “Democratic legislators took their pro-Obamacare message on the road Thursday, convening a hearing in Bakersfield to examine the repercussions of repealing the Affordable Care Act. The state Senate health committee pointedly held its hearing in the Central Valley — far afield form the state Capitol and the home districts of most members in attendance, but the home turf of key Republican members of California’s congressional delegation including House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.” The Los Angeles Times has more. 


  • Gone till Monday. 

Gov. Brown:

  • No public events announced. 

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  1. Mike
    Mike 20 January, 2017, 18:23

    What a great day! The only thing better would be Governor Jerry Sandusky to get caught, pants around the ankles, gawking at a boys soccer game. Gavin, in similar style, chasing a goat would be just fab.
    “Playing hard to get bad boy, I know you want me.”

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