Survey illustrates UC’s reliance on tuition of foreign students

UC President Janet Napolitano embraced a budget strategy of sharply increasing international students who pay far more in tuition without seeking input from then-Gov. Jerry Brown or the Legislature.

A survey of 2,800 U.S. colleges prepared by the Institute of International Education and the U.S. State Department underscores once again how much the budget of the University of California relies on high tuition and fees paid by foreign students.

The survey showed California had far and away the most international students with 161,693. Some 42 percent of the students are from China and 13 percent are from India. Five UC campuses had at least 8,000 international students: UCLA (11,942), UC San Diego (10,652), UC Berkeley (10,063), UC Irvine (8,064) and UC Davis (8,048).

The numbers illustrate that for all the criticism leveled at UC President Janet Napolitano in a 2016 report by state Auditor Elaine Howle, the UC system’s most important fiscal strategy relies on attracting foreign students. They pay about $44,000 annually, triple what in-state students pay.

The audit showed that in 2008 – at the beginning of the Great Recession – about 5 percent of students in the UC system were international students or from other U.S. states. By 2016, the number was 15.3 percent. The large increase was linked by UC leaders to the sharp long-term decline in state financial support. Critics, however, said UC had refused to do any of the belt-tightening done in the rest of the state government in response to a 20 percent decline in state revenue a decade ago.

Howle’s most explosive allegation was that standards had been lowered so much for non-California applicants that qualified in-state students couldn’t get into to any UC. 

Napolitano rejected nearly all of Howle’s allegations but didn’t challenge her point that a huge change in UC admissions policies had been made with scant explanation to the public or to then-Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature. Under heavy pressure, she agreed to major increases in California student admissions – but not to stop relying on foreign students as cash cows. The main concession on that front from UC regents who strongly backed Napolitano: a 2017 decision to have a maximum of 18 percent of non-California students in the UC system. This has had little if any effect on how many are admitted because UC now enrolls far more total students – about 280,000 – then it did four years ago (248,000).

Californians enrolled in UC system set record this year

In June, UC announced that new records had been set in the number of Californians admitted as freshmen (71,655) and transfer students (28,752) at the system’s nine undergraduate campuses.

Meanwhile, it appears that tension related to the U.S.-China trade war has ended the years of annual increases in Chinese students at UC. According to recent reports, their enrollment is flat or slightly down at several campuses. UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla lamented the development in an interview with the Los Angeles Times last month – not on fiscal grounds but because of the quality of the students, especially those in science majors.

But another factor besides tension between Washington and Beijing could be that colleges across the United States have reached the same conclusion that UC leaders did in 2008 and are now going after the same pool of high-paying international students as UC.

In August, USA Today reported that its analysis of federal data showed that “more than 240 public universities across the country admitted fewer in-state students in 2017 than they did five years earlier, and for 46 of those, the share of in-state students is down by at least 10 percent.”


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  1. Dawn Urbanek
    Dawn Urbanek 16 December, 2019, 10:22

    I just received a Resolution from the San Clemente City Council and the Capistrano Unified School District in support of seeking recompense from the University of California for denying seats to highly qualified California resident students who are guaranteed an “appropriate” admit to the UC based solely on merit as a matter of State law and the UC Master Plan Mandate. I intend to seek recompense (as the State Auditor recommended) for all San Clemente resident students who were wrongfully denied admission to a campus of their choice and instead were placed in a referral pool and offered UC Merced as their only admit. These are the top students in the State and the audit as well as LAO reports documented that 99.1% of the CA resident students placed in the referral pool refused to enroll at UC Merced. These students were qualified for flagship schools like UC Berkeley and UCLA. The UC has consistently defrauded approximately 10,700 students a year costing these California families an additional $160,000 per year in increased tuition costs over four years of college. Documentation for a Federal Investigation of the UC Admissions Practices can be found here-

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  2. Dawn Urbanek
    Dawn Urbanek 16 December, 2019, 10:35

    The Capistrano Unified School District Resolution can be found at the August 21, 2019 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda page 816

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  3. Dawn Urbanek
    Dawn Urbanek 16 December, 2019, 10:36

    Correction Agenda Item #47 page 827 not page 816

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  4. Sean
    Sean 17 December, 2019, 06:38

    There is an article in US News and world report on the growth of tuition and fees for “National” universities which offer bachelors, masters and doctorates (which the UC system certainly is). It shows that tuition and fees tripled in the last 20 years for state institutions, for both resident and non-resident students.
    Someone has got to get the bottom of what drives these increases that is leaving so many student heavily indebted to their alma maters. The UC system was asked to hold the line for costs of in-state students and obviously went after the money that out of state and foreign students would bring in. But it still begs the question, what is driving the costs so high, particularly with the proliferation of low paid adjunct professors doing much of the teaching for the undergraduates. I suspect the undergrads have become a cash cow to fund proposal writing to the federal grant machine. Someone needs to account for where student tuition dollars are actually ending up.

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  5. Dawn Urbanek
    Dawn Urbanek 17 December, 2019, 07:33

    The Office of the President has accumulated more than $175 million in undisclosed restricted and discretionary reserves;
    as of fiscal year 2015–16, it had $83 million in its restricted reserve and $92 million in its discretionary reserve.

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  6. edryan221
    edryan221 17 December, 2019, 18:11

    The LA Congressional Delegation Unified in Trump Impeachment But Allows Becerra LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante Corruption
    Los Angeles Congressional Delegation and US Attorney Nicola Hanna asked to investigate LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante Scandal after LA impeaches President Trump. California Attorney General Becerra proves his office is corrupt by not investigating LAPD crimebuster Vigilante Complaint filed by a coalition of homeless advocacy organizations consisting of Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, and Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). The corruption of the Mike Feuer Los Angeles City Attorney, whose own Neighborhood prosecutor belonged to the Vigilante group, is blatant and unacceptable. LAPD Chief Mike Moore offers corrupt disinformation on the issue Many LAPD Crimebuster vigilante’s victims were black and Hispanic and Civil Rights crimes against Blacks and Hispanics require investigation by United States Attorney Nicola T. Hanna is the chief federal law enforcement officer for the Central District of California. Mr. Hanna oversees the largest United States Attorney’s Office outside of Washington, DC. The Corruption of not investigating how the LAPD uses LAPD Community police Divisions like Topanga will belong to the Los Angeles Congressional Delegation if Becerra is not checked. The Presiding judge of the Los Angeles superior court allows Crimebuster vigilantes to corrupt courts without investigation. This is Los Angeles public Corruption, and I, Ed Ryan a victim of the LAPD Crimebuster vigilantes and LA superior court corruption will speak up and demand justice for all victims of this Los Angeles Criminal Justice corruption.

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  7. edryan221
    edryan221 18 December, 2019, 15:45

    Federal Prosecutot. Best For becerra corruption on LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante

    The Los Angeles Congressional Delegation and Los Angeles Federal Prosecutor need to stop the corrupt cover-up by California Attorney General Becerra’s. The corruption by Becerra is his failure to Investigate LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante Scandal after receiving a valid complaint almost 2 years ago, the 8/1/18 joint complaint of LAPD Crimebuster vigilante was filed by a coalition of homeless advocacy organizations consisting of Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, and Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). Mike Feuer, the Los Angeles City Attorney is involved with and protects LAPD crimebuster vigilantes. He allowed Attorney Karine Philips, Neighborhood Prosecutor for the LAPD Topanga Community Police Station to be an active member of the LAPD Crime-buster Vigilante Facebook group. As the Topanga Neighborhood Prosecutor, she jailed homeless by routinely using falsified police reports that never make mention of vigilante harassment that regularly occurred. Becerra is letting the LAPD totally off the hook for their use of vigilantes to harass homeless and the Federal Justice system needs to look at this.

    The Los Angeles Congressional delegation is focusing on anti-corruption as it impeaches President Trump. Now, they should look at the corruption by California Attorney General Becerra for not investigating the “LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante” scandal. The Los Angeles Congressional delegation includes: Congressman Barragan, Congressman Maxine Waters, Congressman Lucille Roybal-Allard, Congressman Gil Cisneros, Congressman Karen bass , Congressman Linda Sanchez, Congressman Norman Torres, Congressman Jimmy Gomez, Congressman Grace Napolitano, Congressman Ted Lieu, Congressman Congressman Brad Sherman, Congressman Tony Cardenas, Congressman Adam Schiff,
    The Federal Prosecutor for Los Angeles, United States Attorney Nicola Hanand, needs to investigate LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante Scandal. Why? Because the corruption is great and Civil Rights are being violated. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shows us that the Los Angeles City Hall corrupt for other reasons besides the corrupt “pay for play”. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti is an outright “political coward”. As the LAPD uses vigilante hate crime to stem the LA homeless problem, Mayor Garcetti remains silent after seeing the many incriminating Crimebuster vigilante Facebook postings were made public. The captured LAPD Crimebuster vigilante Facebook postings make clear that LAPD Community Policing Division used Crime-buster vigilantes to do psychological torture via ‘Community Stalking” where targeted homeless victims are harassed and even “mock executed” in the middle of the night. San Fernando Valley Homeless are further abused by LA Court corruption. One must question the failure of the Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge to investigate when The LA court corruption prevents homeless victims from raising LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante harassment in court.
    LAPD Chief Mike Moore now offers corrupt disinformation and does not tell us why not one LAPD police report ever, has reported that vigilante harassment of the homeless is ongoing. Even though the regional Los Angeles News media knows that organized vigilante harassment occurred in the west valley, they are not willing to press the issue and ask Chief Moore why no LAPD police report ever mentions ongoing vigilante harassment of LA homeless. Why is this issue totally off the table? The Answer is because it is the LAPD allowing or doing the vigilante harassment with their LAPD volunteers. The news media in LA is complicit in that it overtly fails to tell the story. Why? Maybe it is an elite thing. The Media elite masking a decision I should think the LA Times would want to know the truth on this matter. Police doing hate crimes to helpless homeless is no good. Why then, does the los Angeles news media allow Attorney General Becerra to get away with ignoring the serious allegations and information contained in the 8/1/18 by a coalition of homeless advocacy organizations consisting of Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, and Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP).
    In fact the anti-homeless LAPD vigilante corruption is more widespread than that. Los Angeles has over a dozen LAPD Crimebuster groups, all of which need to be investigated for doing the exact same thing uncovered in the West Valley. Why were two LAPD Deputy Chiefs and multiple LAPD Senior Lead officers were active members of the secret Crime-buster vigilante group. Many LAPD Crime-buster vigilante’s victims are homeless minorities of Black and Hispanic origins. Because of LAPD supported Civil rights and criminal violations, and the fact that both the LAPD and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office are engaging in ‘Hate crimes” onto targeted homeless victims, a full investigation by the Los Angeles Federal Prosecutor.

    United States Attorney Nicola T. Hanna is the chief federal law enforcement officer for the Central District of California and for Los Angeles. Will he now take over for the corrupt California Attorney General’s Office. Because Cal A.G. Becerra is engaged in a LAPD cover-up, he fails to do his job and the Los Angeles Federal Prosecutor, now needs to step up more than ever. Los Angeles can’t be the community that allows it’s criminal justice system to do hate crimes to deal with a terrible homelessness problem. Los Angeles Federal Prosecutor Hanna oversees the largest United States Attorney’s Office outside of Washington, DC., he has the resources to fully investigate the above mentioned complaint. The Presiding judge of the Los Angeles superior court allows Crimebuster vigilantes to corrupt courts without investigation. This is Los Angeles public Corruption, and I, Ed Ryan a victim of the LAPD Crimebuster vigilantes and LA superior court corruption will speak up and demand justice for all victims of this Los Angeles Criminal Justice corruption.

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  8. edryan221
    edryan221 25 December, 2019, 17:39

    Thepolice believed that the perpetrators were playing the “Knockout Game,” however, they said it alsocould have been a random attack. The victim was transported to the local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Rashaan Bates, 19, and a 17-year-old boy were charged with assault by mob. viii. Abduction – Total: 5 Fallston, Maryland Homeless woman forced into a vehicle Jun. 11th: As a homeless woman was walking down Wilkins Avenue at 9:00 am, she was “forced into a vehicle unknown to her, tied up, and assaulted.” Her leg was stabbed and she was robbed of her wallet and cell phone. The victim was taken to GBMC to be treated of her injuries. No leads have been made about her captors. Houston, Texas Four homeless men held captive in Texas home Jul. 19th: Four homeless men were found in a Texas home, after a neighbor called police expressing concern. Each man was held captive against his will. The victims were, “lured by promises of food and cigarettes so that their captor could cash their publicassistance checks.” The homeless men were confined to the house garage with only one chair. As a result, three of the men lacked proper nutrition and were transported to the hospital. One suspect was detained, but never charg Victims of homeless hate crimes are most commonly middle-aged men. Between 1999 and 2013, on average, 34 percent of victims were between the ages of 40 and 50, and 72 percent of the victims were over the age of 40. In 2013, 90 percent of homeless victims were male and the average age was 44-years-old. graph 3: Victim Age Distribution graph 4: Victim GENDER Distribution Profile of Accused and Convicted Perpetrators In contrast to the victims, perpetrators of hate crimes against homeless individuals have been overwhelmingly young men, with the attacker being male 93 percent of the time. Additionally, in the past 15 years, 82 percent of the perpetrators were under the age of thirty. In 2013, 48 percent of the perpetrators were under the age of 20, the youngest being 13-yearsold, and 37 percent were between the ages of 20- and 29-years-old. With 85 percent of the perpetrators being under 30-years-old, it is clear that the perpetrators are continuing to act at young ages.. 37% 48% 9% 4% 2% > 50 Years Old 40-49 Years Old 30-39 Years Old 20-29 Years Old 50 Years Old 40-49 Years Old 30-39 Years Old 20-29 Years Old National Coalition for the Homeless Vulnerable to Hate: Hate Crimes against the Homeless 10 Criminalizingthe Homeless Community There is a documented relationship between the appearance of criminalization of homelessness laws, and the increase of hate crimes or violent acts against homeless people. In order to prove this, Florida and California will be used as case studies. Suspects Emilio Arenas, 43, Peyton Hemingway, 37, and Theresa Allen, 46, were charged with multiple charges including, first-degree kidnapping, murder National Coalition for the Homeless Vulnerable to Hate: Hate Crimes against the Homeless 12 and robbery with deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery, murder and kidnapping. Hoboken, New Jersey A homeless man died after landing on a fence Sept. 10th: Eric Ralph Santiago, a 46-year-old homeless man, was attacked by two 13-year-old boys and one 14-year-old boy. They punched Santiago in the face, causing him to fall onto a fence, leading to his death. The suspects were at first unknown. However, after police released the video images and surveillance to the media, the three suspects turned themselves in. They claimed they were playing the “knockout” game. 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Attorney General Becerra empowers LAPD racism by giving them a free pass on the crime buster vigilante scandal. By Law the California Attorney General is required to gather California Hate Crimes Data. In California, he is allegedly a leading democratic leader who is to assists California State Assembly and Governor Newsom so that California becomes the eighth State to protected homeless from hate crime attack as a class. Instead Attorney General Becerra protects the vigilantes who do horrible hate crimes onto homeless. It happened like this: On August 1, 2018, a coalition of homeless advocacy organizations consisting of Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, and Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), co-signed a complaint letter to the California Attorney General detailing vigilante activities. The evidence supporting the Complaint are the 43 Facebook postings that show LAPD and San Fernando valley residents targeting homeless victims for violent crimes. LA City Attorney is involved in crime buster vigilante corruption The los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer allows the Topanga Neighborhood Prosecutor to conspires and do crime onto homeless. The Los Angeles DA and Los Angeles City attorney are corrupting the LA courts using them to jail homeless victims who fight back against the vigilantes. Los Mayor Garcetti also protects the LAPD by refusing to publicly expose vigilantes who do anti-homeless psychological terror torture by constantly stalking homeless victims until they snapped and commit suicide. Their Facebook dialog proves LAPD vigilante “Community Stalking” is done by the LAPD crime buster vigilantes. The desired result of vigilantes who terrorize homeless via constant “terror Stalking” is suicide or incarceration of the targeted homeless victim. .” Flint, Michigan Homeless man beaten to death by two teenagers Jul. 30th: Gary Nagy, a 57-year-old homeless man was brutally beaten to death by Peris Dorsette, 20, and a 15-year-old boy. “Dorsette kicked…[the] homeless man to death because he felt ‘disrespected.’” He faced charges of torture and murder. Torture charges were dismissed after Dorsette’s attorney, Michael Ewing, argued that “the state of torture statute pertains to actions that lead to intentional suffering.” The prosecutor plans to have the torture charges reinstated. Santa Ana, California Police officer shot and killed homeless man Jul. 30th: Hans Kevin Arellano, a 22-year-old homeless man, was shot to death by a female police officer outside a shopping center. Arellano was asked to get on the ground while in a restaurant. After exiting the restaurant, he was asked again to get on the ground. He did not comply, said some profane words, and was shot by the officer. A nearby eyewitness was able to capture the attack on his cell phone. Police have, “three separate investigations that are going on simultaneou

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  9. edryan221
    edryan221 30 December, 2019, 10:34

    President Trump Should Order Attorney General Barr To Investigate LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante Scandal as democrat Cal AG Becerra Refusal is Cover-up of LAPD Civil Rights Violation of California Blacks and other victimized homeless in LA.
    Deval Patrick needs to get his name out to have a chance at the democratic nomination. In California, deval Patrick should go see California attorney general Becerra and ask him Why his office is not investigating the LAPD Crimebuster vigilante complaint filed with becerra two years ago.Deval Patrick is a former Civil Rights Lawyer for the justice department. Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden would be wise to work with the Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives matter. 43 percent of Los Angeles homeless are black males. Becerra now refuses to investigate the violent anti-homeless crimes onto the Los Angeles Homeless by the LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante. LA Crimebuster vigilante attacks on the homeless is , in reality crimebuster vigilante attacks on the California Black population. LApd Crimebuster Vigilante is racial crime by the Racist LAPD. If the democrats don’t take up this issue. President Trump can easily win the issue and gain African American Support all across America. Trump may order US Attorney General, Bill Barr and the FBI to investigate the racist hate scam that is the LAPD Crimebuster Vigilante Scandal.

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