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Melendez: Cruz Overreacted Regarding Soft-Core Porn Actress

Asm. Melissa Melendez said Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz overreacted last week when he pulled an advertisement that unknowingly featured an actress who had been featured in multiple soft-core porn movies. Although Amy Lindsay, the actress, has appeared in a long

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Clinton crisis renews Brown buzz

With doubts swirling around the Democrats’ leading candidates for president, speculation has returned that Gov. Jerry Brown could enter the race. Even some analysts skeptical than he will jump in have suggested that, under the circumstances, he nonetheless should do so.

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Is Jerry Brown interested in presidential bid? Or just trolling Clintons?

In the hours leading up to the second round of Republican debates on Wednesday at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, the Drudge Report gave prominent play to vague hints of interest in a presidential run dropped by Jerry Brown

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