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New DMV rules would allow testing of driverless vehicles without human in car

Responding to industry criticism and public uncertainty, California has rejiggered its rules to accommodate fully driverless vehicles. “California’s new proposals follow a Michigan law passed in December, which allowed testing with no human driver. It also created a framework for

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Proposed rules for self-driving cars draw heavy criticism from industry leaders

Hopes that California would emerge as the global center for what eventually could be a multitrillion-dollar industry — self-driving vehicles — have taken a step back. New proposed rules unveiled this month by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles drew sharp complaints

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Can ‘Big Data’ figure out how to reduce CA gridlock?

The use of “Big Data” has transformed strategizing in baseball, given rise to microtargeting of individual voters in presidential campaigns and turned browsing the Internet into an unsettling experience in which users see advertisers guess what they might want to

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