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Harry Jaffa, RIP

Harry Jaffa, 96, died on Saturday. He was one of the rare persons who combined an influential academic career with activism in politics, in particular the Goldwater Movement of 1964. Professor Emeritus at Claremont McKenna College and Claremont Graduate University

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Who’s to blame?

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this morning. He was blaming voters for installing President Obama in the Oval Office. But he missed a step. Shouldn’t we first be blaming himself and other Republicans for nominating such duds as the

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Are 'neo-Confederates' holding up Obamacare?

Are “neo-Confederates” shutting down the government and wrecking the Constitution by trying to de-fund Obamacare? So claims longtime Republican staffer Mike Lofgren in an interview with Salon's Josh Eidelson. download adobe cs6 Pictured are two senators who are strongly against

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