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Police under fire in Sacramento, Los Angeles

Big cities throughout California continue to be roiled by police issues. Oakland and San Francisco have gotten the most attention because of high-profile police chiefs being forced out over a sex scandal involving an underage prostitute and because of unarmed

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Court: Police can’t charge public for cost of redacting videos

While California has strong government openness laws, some public agencies still seek to place obstacles to obtaining public information. A common tactic is to agree to provide records but only if those requesting the information pay heavy fees to cover

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Tension builds in San Francisco over police conduct

Recent attention has focused on the Oakland Police Department scandal, in which evidence shows several officers took advantage of a young prostitute. But across the bay, the tension between police and community leaders keeps building in San Francisco one month after

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Bill blocking law enforcement from seizing property without convictions nearing return

Lawmakers and civil-liberty groups are ratcheting up public support for a bill that closes a loophole allowing local law enforcement agencies to seize citizens’ property without a criminal conviction — a practice dubbed “policing for profit.” Current California law already bars the practice

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