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Does the Secure Choice state-run retirement plan guarantee against taxpayer bailouts?

Arguably the biggest selling point for Secure Choice — the state-run, automatic retirement account measure signed into law last month — is the promise that taxpayers won’t be on the hook in the event of a loss. The law has several

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Is the state stubbornly running toward financial trouble?

It’s politically popular to rail on the One Percent and demand top earners pay their “fair share.” But they actually already pay a large share, fair or not, which analysts predict could be disastrous to California in the event of an

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CA will struggle to meet key energy goal of governor

A Hoover Institution scholar continues to provide a fresh take on the state of California’s energy policies, highlighting their hidden agendas and examining their feasibility. Previously, a CalWatchdog.com story covered Carson Bruno’s research showing that the state of California has far

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Hoover analyst: CA already met 50% renewable goal

Eureka!  California already surpassed Gov. Jerry Brown’s 50 percent goal for renewable energy power by 2030. It did so, in fact, in 2011. That’s the conclusion of an article in the March-April issue of Eureka, a new periodical by the Hoover

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