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Cal State’s Contempt for Public Disclosure 3

MARCH 22, 2012 By JOHN HRABE On Tuesday morning, I sent an email to three high-ranking officials at San Jose State University, requesting information about the executive compensation for former president Jon Whitmore and two key employees. By law, the

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Dem Legislators Urge Cal State to Disclose True Amount of Executive Compensation 4

MARCH 13, 2012 By JOHN HRABE In response to a CalWatchDog.com investigation series, two Democratic state legislators are calling on the California State University system “to come clean with a complete and detailed look at just how CSU executives are

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Cal State Lies About Receiving Transparency Award 3

MARCH 13, 2012 By JOHN HRABE Vox Veritas Vita — “Speak the truth as a way of life.” — Cal State University Motto From the Files of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: A California government agency has lied about

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