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Perez requests recount in controller’s race

California’s never-ending race for state controller entered a new phase Monday, as election officials are expected to begin recounting ballots in at least two counties. On Sunday afternoon, Democratic Assemblyman John A. Perez, who finished just 481 votes behind Board

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Betty Yee declares victory in controller race

It isn’t over till it’s over, as Yoga Berra famously said. A recount still is possible. But Betty Yee has declared victory in her race for state controller over Assemblyman John Perez, D-Los Angeles. Entering the California Democratic Party’s spring

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State Convention: Democrat Betty Yee calls out hypocrisy within her own party

Betty Yee, who has developed a reputation as an honest and effective numbers-cruncher at the state tax board, delivered a stinging critique of her party Sunday at its annual convention. She said California Democrats have become disconnected from the party’s

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