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CA GOP’s acceptance of Log Cabin Club a major culture war win — reflects 4-decade battle

California’s gay Republicans, after four decades at the margins, finally have won recognition from their party. At this month’s state GOP convention in Sacramento, the California Republican Party approved the charter of the Log Cabin Republicans of California by an 861-293

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Another small biz bites the dust

Oct. 1, 2012 Katy Grimes: The news that another small Sacramento business is closing its doors seems only to draw yawns these days. The famed Fords Real Burgers, a local Sacramento burger joint since 1987, is being forced out of business

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I'm Still Not Flying

John Seiler: One of my favorite columnists, Debra Saunders of the Chronicle, defended the TSA pat-downs at airports: TSA pat-downs prove it – Americans are whiners The latest controversy over Transportation Security Administration body scans and enhanced body pat-downs leaves no

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