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Board of Equalization faces heavy criticism for mismanaged funds

Created to make California’s tax system work better, the Board of Equalization has found itself under a cloud of radical criticism, plunging it into a moment of extraordinary crisis.  “At a chaotic budget hearing for an agency that collects a

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State finds savings in minimum wage increase, but counties get the bill

The good news: Last year’s deal to increase the minimum wage won’t cost the state nearly as much as was projected.  The bad news: Providing certain health care services just became way more expensive for the counties.  The Brown administration is ending

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Audit uncovers embers in Cal Fire slush fund

A new state audit shows that in 2005 a secret, $3.66 million off-the-books account was established by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The Wildlife Fire Investigation Training and Equipment Fund, a private, nonprofit account, was filled through

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